Welcome to the Resident Advisor (RA) Recruitment page, and thank you for your interest in becoming a RA here at Mason. The RA position is a challenging and rewarding leadership & employment opportunity on campus.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in applying for the RA position, here is an outline of our selection process here at George Mason University.

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1. Attend a required info session to find out more information about the RA position
  • All candidates must attend one of the required info sessions in order for their application to be complete
  • At the end of the info session you will be given a unique code to add to your application
  • You must attend an Info Session prior to your application due date
2. Complete the application (available in October 2015)
  • Review your unofficial transcript to enter your credits attempted, as well as your GPA*.
  • Create or update your resume with relevant work experience and skills. Visit for more resources on creating a strong resume. While you will not upload your actual resume to the website you will need to enter work experience and skills similar to a resume.
  • The deadline to apply will be in November 2015.  *Please note that the application will close at this time at you will not be able to submit your application after.
  • Indicate whether you'd like to be considered for a position in a LLC community and note it on your application. More information can be found at
  • Provide thoughtful, concise answers on the questions on the application. Take into consideration what you know about Mason, living on campus, and the needs of students who live in the residence halls.
  • Returning RA/HRA Applications will be available and due in December 2015. Returning RAs/HRAs can fill out work experience as appropriate, and if none then just enter N/A so that the application marks it as complete
3. Prepare for your individual interview with members of the Housing and Residence Life staff and the group process.
  • Use the helpful tips provided to formulate points you'd like to make during your interview.
  • Review the job description to see if there are any questions you'd like answered by the staff during your interview.
  • Block off time on your calendar or planner so that you are available for an interview, if invited.
  • For candidates invited to interview, the interviews will occur on in January in a 30 minute interview.
  • The group process will happen either in the morning or afternoon in January 2016 and will last around 1 1/2 hours
New candidates and Returning RAs will learn if they receive a position in February for 2016-2017 positions.
  • Once candidates are hired, or placed in the alternate pool, they must inform the committee of whether they accept or decline the position.
  • Please note that this is a competitive process and not all candidates will be chosen for an RA position as there are limited spaces

* First-year students will not have a GPA to enter, and can enter 00. Grades will be checked through the Registrar's Office at the end of the term.

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