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Welcome to Housing and Residence Life 

Housing and Residence Life provides a student-centered community that supports the academic mission of the university. We promote student success, encourage engagement with the university community, and promote our appreciation for diversity among our residents. Mason provides a variety of safe and comfortable living options where our students will feel welcome and at home.

Mason has grown to become the second largest residential campus in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As the demand for housing has grown so have the options available to undergraduate students. The majority of Mason freshmen will be required to live on campus in our modern residential halls that include traditional buildings with single, double, triple, and quad rooms, as well as suite-style options.

Remember, housing is guaranteed for freshmen who complete the housing application and submit the $300 housing deposit. We continue to receive Housing applications and will review them on an ongoing basis. After May 1, housing is based on space availability.  Learn more about our residence halls, and apply for housing, by using the links below.  Make Mason your home, and join our growing community!


Application Closed for Fall 2016

We are no longer accepting fall 2016 Housing applications. The application for Spring 2017 housing will become open in mid-October and the application for Fall 2017 housing will become live in spring 2017.

Applications for fall 2016 were due before or on May 1, 2016. We will make our best effort to house those who applied after the deadline but cannot guarantee there will be space available.

Thank you for considering Mason Housing!

The Patriot Experience

Want more information about YOUR PATRIOT EXPERIENCE? Check out the link:

Because the demand for housing has grown, so have the options available to undergraduate students. 

All freshmen will choose to live in one of five different and distinct living options that will incorporate the Patriot Experience Programming Model. The five options are Patriot Experience Traditional Style, Patriot Experience Suite Style, Mason Global Center 11-month agreement, o Living Learning Community (LLC), and the Honors Living and Learning Community.

Note: All residence halls are co-ed.

Patriot Experience Traditional-Style Halls
Our traditional halls have floors with 26 to 40 residents in double, triple, or quad rooms.

Residents share common bathrooms, which are cleaned daily by housekeeping staff. Traditional halls include Presidents Park and The Commons.

Patriot Experience Suite Style Halls
Some freshman residents will live in one of our suite style buildings where two to four double or single occupancy rooms share a bathroom.

These buildings have shared lounges, vending machines, and laundry facilities. Suite-style halls where freshmen may live include Commonwealth, Dominion, Eastern Shore, and Piedmont.

Living Learning Communities
Visit our LLC page to find out more about this option, available to freshmen and upper-classmen. The LLC application is due on May 8, so be sure to apply early.

  • Submit your housing application and LLC application (except Honors Living Learning Community). 
  • Pay your housing deposit 

For more information contact

Honors Living and Learning Community 

Honors College freshmen are automatically placed into the Honors Living and Learning Community housed in traditional style, all-freshmen buildings. No additional application is required.


On-Campus Services

The campus residences are equipped with a variety of amenities and services.
Residences are located near athletics facilities, dining options, and other student-centered campus spaces. Amenities and services include:
• 24-hour service desks and night operations staff
• cable TV
• wireless internet
• housekeeping and maintenance in common areas
• laundry rooms
• social and relaxation lounges and
• study spaces, among others.  

Housing and Residence Life Staff

Housing and Residence Life staff members serve as liaisons between students, faculty, and administrators, and offer referrals to campus support services.

Resident Advisors (RAs) are student staff members who live in the halls and serve as the main contact for information on all aspects of residence life. RAs coordinate activities and programs for students and assist in the management of their residential area. RAs are valuable resources who are often the first people residents and their families meet!

Resident Directors (RDs) are full-time professional staff members who live on campus and supervise RAs. They create an environment that is conducive to studying, learning, and personal growth by managing the implementation of educational and social programming, interpreting policies and procedures, acting as liaisons to other campus departments, and addressing student behavioral issues and concerns.

Desk Assistants (DAs) are student staff who work at one of our three 24-hour service desks. Desk Assistants can help you when you're locked out of your room, when you want to check out equipment (vacuums, etc.), or when you have general questions about campus.

Housing Application Checklist

Housing is guaranteed for freshmen (new to Mason for Fall 2016) who complete the housing application and submit the non-refundable $300 housing deposit by May 1, 2016. 

  1. Pay your $550 deposit by May 1 ($250 enrollment deposit and $300 housing deposit).
  2. Complete a housing application by May 1. Print a copy of the confirmation email for your records.
  3. Applying for an LLC? Priority consideration is given to students who complete the separate LLC application by May 1.
  • Your application and deposit must be submitted on or before May 1, 2016.
  • It is possible that the number of applicants will exceed the supply of available rooms. When this occurs, students who are guaranteed housing are accommodated in a variety of ways, including expanded occupancy rooms and local hotels. In addition, students who reside close to campus may be asked to live at home until a space becomes available in the residence halls. Since we assign students in the order that online applications are received, later applicants are typically the most affected.
Living Learning Communities and Single Rooms

You will have the opportunity to indicate several preferences on your housing application, including building preferences, the name(s) of preferred roommates, and your interest in an LLC.

Living Learning Communities

Housing and Residence Life works with university academic departments to develop these residential floors that expand learning beyond the classroom. Students who participate in LLCs live on the same floor and generally attend at least one class together.

Students interested in an LLC should respond accordingly to the question about LLC interest on the housing application. LLCs other than Honors must also complete an LLC application, in addition to the housing application. Honors students do not have to complete the additional LLC application.

Please note that participation in an LLC supersedes your building and possibly roommate preferences – while we will try to meet room size and roommate preferences within your LLC, it is not always possible to do so.

If you are interested in an LLC that is housed in Piedmont you will not be able to list those buildings within your room preferences. Don't worry - if you get into one of those LLCs, your LLC coordinator will know and ensure you are placed appropriately. If you are not accepted to an LLC in Piedmont the room preferences you list here will be used to place you in your space. It is important that you list at least five preferences, even if you plan to be in an LLC.

Single Rooms

You will be able to select into a double, triple, or quad. It is unusual for freshmen to be assigned to single rooms. Special Accommodations can be made for documented psychological or medical issues.

Students who have specific housing requirements that are due to documented psychological or medical issues must register with the Disability Services and complete the Special Housing Request form. The Disability Services and Housing work together to find reasonable accommodations for applicants with genuine needs. For special consideration, please provide the requested information early in the application process because it is difficult to make changes or meet needs once assignments have been made. If you feel you have a medical or psychological need for special accommodations, complete your housing application as soon as possible and submit a request for Special Accommodations.


Housing rates are based on whether the student is in a single, double, triple, or quad bedroom in a traditional hall, suite, or apartment. Students are encouraged to review the rates before submitting their housing preferences. More information is available on our Rates and Billing page.

Self Selection Process

Freshmen student who apply for the Patriot Experience Traditional or Suite Style will select their room in an online lottery process, much like you would select a seat on an airline flight. This process will open in June 2016. Students in Honors, Living Learning Communities, and Mason Global Center (11-month agreement) will not go through this process (see Living Learning Community and Single Room Process)

Self-selection allows students to choose and confirm a housing assignment without the uncertainty that often comes with traditional auto-allocation assignment methods. Students will have the opportunity to choose a room along with a desired roommate, if applicable. More information on self-selection process will be available in late spring 2016.

Freshman Self Selection Video

Freshmen Residential Communities

Rappahannock Neighborhood Showcase

Shenandoah Neighborhood Showcase

Exemption Application and Process
First Year Freshman Live-On Requirement

George Mason University is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive and dynamic educational experience. Living on-campus provides numerous educational and social opportunities designed to enhance students' academic success, well-being and overall engagement with everything the university has to offer.

First-year freshman undergraduate students enrolled full-time, as defined by George Mason University guidelines, are required to live in campus residence halls. First year students beginning their enrollment in the summer are required to live in the residence halls during the summer, fall and spring semesters. Students who start in fall are required to live in the residence halls during the fall and spring semesters. Students who start in spring are required to live in the residence halls during the spring semester.

Students who can provide evidence they meet any of the following criteria will be exempt from the requirement to live on campus:

  • The student will reach the age of 20 prior to the first day of classes of their first term of enrollment
  • The student is married
  • The student has dependent family (children or parents) under the student's care
  • The student has veteran status

The student resides in the principal residence of a parent or legal guardian within the counties of Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William, and parts of Loudoun*.

Requests for exemption to the first year freshman live-on requirement will also be considered on the basis of compelling individual circumstances. Requests for exemption must be submitted according to the following schedule:

  • May 1 for summer term first enrollment
  • May 15 for fall semester first enrollment
  • November 1 for spring semester first enrollment

Students who fail to comply with this policy are subject to sanctions by the university. Sanctions may include a hold being placed on the student's ability to register for classes and/or disciplinary action. Examples of failure to comply include:

  • provision of false or misleading information to obtain an exemption
  • failure to apply and register for housing
  • failure to check-in and assume occupancy of assigned housing
  • failure to fulfill the terms and conditions of the housing agreement, including receiving a judicial sanction that results in removal from university housing

Procedures for Reviewing Requests for Exemption from First Year Live-On Requirement

I. Exemption requests are to be completed online via eLiving.

II. Requests for exemption to the first year live-on requirement will be considered and may be granted in cases of compelling individual circumstances.

III. The Associate Director of Housing Services, or her/his designee, will review written requests for exemption within a timely manner. Additional information may be required of some applicants. Applicants will be notified of decisions regarding requests for exemption in a timely manner. Applicants may email with questions regarding how to submit requested additional information.

*Loudoun County zip codes which are exempt:

20165,22066,20105,20152,20120,20166,20151,20170, and 20164

Log into your eLiving account to apply for the exemption


Rates and Billing

Each student’s account can be viewed inside their PatriotWeb account. Please note that the “Charges” column are charges being billed to you and the “Payments” column are charges being credited back to you. For payment instructions, to request payment plans, or to request the refund of a credit placed on your account, please see the Office of Student Accounts.

• Housing room charges are billed to a student’s account prior to each semester. 
• Room charge payments are due by the first day of classes. 
• Prorated adjustments, cancellations fees, damage fees, etc. are billed to a student’s account as applicable throughout the year. These payments are due within 5 business days. 
• Deposit requirements and instructions vary across different housing application processes. Please refer to a specific housing application for relevant deposit information. Do not submit a deposit unless you are instructed to do so. The payment of a deposit will not show up on your student account until it is credited back to your account during the fall semester or at the time of housing cancellation, whichever comes first.

Questions regarding financial aid should be addressed directly to the Student Financial Aid.

Questions regarding meal plan changes should be addressed directly to the Meal Plan Office.

Update About Room Selection

For issues please use our social media channels@MasonHousing or email us. If you email please include your gnumber and a brief description of your issue.

Room Rates

Rates are based on the specific bedroom occupancy, not how many total residents or bedrooms in a suite. 2016-2017 Rates were set by the Board of Visitors in mid-February and are posted below. Rates are subject to change every spring at the discretion of the Board of Visitors.

2016-2017 Housing Rates

Room Description Semester Rate/Bed Annual Rate/Bed
Traditional Halls(Freshman Only)
(Presidents Park- Adams, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Kennedy,
 Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, Roosevelt, Taylor, Truman, Wilson, 

The Commons- Amherst, Brunswick, Carroll, Dickenson, Essex,
 Franklin, Grayson)
Single $3,805.00 $7,610.00
Double $3,200.00 $6,400.00
Triple $2,555.00 $5,110.00
Quad $3,035.00 $6,070.00
Suites(Private/Shared Bath and/or Kitchenette)
Single $4,165.00 $8,330.00
Double $3,780.00 $7,560.00

 Mason Global Center Suites
(Mason Global Center) Note that the Mason Global Center does not have single bedrooms.
Single $5,000.00 $10,000.00
Double $4,480.00 $8,960.00
Move-In Information
  • Freshman move-in is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 2016.
    • Please plan to arrive on freshman move-in day during your assigned time in order to have maximum access to move-in volunteers and welcome activities.
    • Full move-in information will be available in late July.
  • Not sure what to bring? A packing list will be available in Spring 2016. 
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