Welcome to Mason Housing! 

Plan to arrive at or after your scheduled date and time. As you can imagine, moving in several thousand students in a few days can be tricky, so thank you for following these directions, arriving at your scheduled time, and entering campus at the correct location. While we do everything we can to minimize waits, please expect to wait up to 60 minutes to complete the stages of your move-in. We appreciate your patience!

What if there is Rain? 

The move in process will continue through minor inclement weather. If there are more serious storms that occur, the process will be halted until weather is considered safe for staff, students, and families.
While campus move-in is generally planned so that a manageable portion of residents show up at a given time of day, with major weather events, there tend to be large waves of people arriving when the weather permits. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide a positive move-in experience for all of our residents.

Neighborhood desks will remain open 24-hours to accommodate evening check-ins. A limited number of bins will be available to help you transport your belongings.

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