Each student's account can be viewed inside their PatriotWeb account. Please note that the "Charges" column are charges being billed to you and the "Payments" column are charges being credited back to you.  For payment instructions, to request payment plans, or to request the refund of a credit placed on your account, please see the Office of Student Accounts.

Learn more about billing, adjustments and cancellations and deposit requirements.
  • Housing room charges are billed to a student's account prior to each semester. 
  • Room charge payments are due by the first day of classes.
  • Prorated adjustments, cancellations fees, damage fees, etc. are billed to a student's account as applicable throughout the year. These payments are due within 5 business days.
  • Deposit requirements and instructions vary across different housing application processes. Please refer to a specific housing application for relevant deposit information. Do not submit a deposit unless you are instructed to do so. The payment of a deposit will not show up on your student account until it is credited back to your account during the fall semester or at the time of housing cancellation, whichever comes first.

Questions regarding financial aid should be addressed directly to the Office of Student Financial Aid

Questions regarding meal plan changes should be addressed directly to the Meal Plan Office.

Room Rates

Room rates are set each April by the Board of Visitors for the subsequent academic year and remain tentative until that time.
Rates are based on the specific bedroom occupancy, not how many total residents or bedrooms in a suite.

2014-2015 Housing Rates

Room Description Semester Rate/Bed Annual Rate/Bed
Traditional Halls (Freshman Only)
(Presidents Park - Adams, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, Roosevelt, Taylor, Truman, Wilson, Washington
The Commons - Amherst, Brunswick, Carroll, Dickenson, Essex, Franklin, Grayson)
Single $3,610.00 $7,220.00
Double $3,000.00 $6,000.00
Triple $2,400.00 $4,800.00
Quad $2,820.00 $5,640.00
Suites (Private/Shared Bath and/or Kitchenette)
(Commonwealth, Dominion, Eastern Shore, Hampton Roads, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Sandbridge, Tidewater, Whitetop)
Single $3,980.00 $7,960.00
Double $3,610.00 $7,220.00
Triple-Kt* $3,815.00 $7,630.00
(Liberty Square, Northern Neck, Potomac Heights, Rogers) Please note, Liberty Square does not have double bedrooms.
Single $4,785.00 $9,570.00
Double $4,285.00 $8,570.00
(Student Apartments, Townhouses)
Single $3,980.00 $7,960.00
Double $3,610.00 $7,220.00
* Triple-Kt includes a kitchenette (sink, microwave, small refrigerator).
Dining Rates 2014-2015

For more information on Meal Plan rates, please visit masonid.gmu.edu/mealplans. Note that rates listed below are subject to change.
Visit dining.gmu.edu for more information on Mason Dining options.

Anytime Dining: Available to New and Returning Students

Anytime Dining


Annual Price

Guest Meals













The dining plans below are only available to returning students, not new students.

Meal Plan Annual Price
Declining Balance Plans Cost
Freedom Rings $3,600.00
Freedom First $4,200.00
Traditional Plans
10 Meals w/ 100 Funds $3,330.00
15 Meals w/ 100 Funds $3,750.00
19 Meals w/ 100 Funds $4,040.00
Flex Plans
Flex 130 w/ 100 Funds $3,170.00
Flex 150 w/ 100 Funds $3,280.00
Flex 175 w/ 100 Funds $3,430.00
Flex 200 w/ 100 Funds $3,540.00
Flex 230 w/ 100 Funds $3,730.00