Five Easy Steps

To be eligible, your Spring 2016 semester should be your 6th or fewer semester on-campus. You must be a current resident, and you need to plan to be a full-time undergraduate student for 2016-2017.

If you entered Mason as a transfer student, your class standing at admittance impacts how long you are eligible for housing. Students who entered as sophomores are eligible for up to six continuous semesters of housing. Students who entered as juniors are eligible for up to four continuous semesters of housing.

Fill Out Your Application

All students will complete their own application and agreement in eliving in early February. Those looking to get into a Living Learning Community will apply beginning in late January. Flexible Housing applications will open in late January. To be eligible for on-campus housing, all upperclass students interested in selecting a space for 2016-2017 must complete their application on-time. Log into eliving to fill out your application:


After all housing applications are submitted and approved. you will have the opportunity to identify your group size and members. The grouping process usually begins in mid-February.

Forming a group improves the likelihood of selection with friends or compatible suitemates. There are four types of groups: two-person, three-person, four-person, and six-person

Student who are not in a group will be able to select during individual selection. Being an individual means you will be selecting on your own from spaces that remain after the larger groups select.

Where do you want to live?

Selection is completed in seniority order and certain types of spaces are not common such as large apartments and single rooms. You have access to floor plans and photos of spaces on our website. You may also view the housing rates on our website. Note that rates are subject to change and are regulated by the Mason Board of Visitors.

We ask that you consider pricing, location, meal plan requirments, and access to halls over winter break as you are selecting.

Select Your Housing

Group leaders will then go in on selection day and choose the space on behalf of the group. Group selection dates are typically late February to late March.

Pay Your Deposit

The housing deposit is a non-refundable $300. This deposit is due once a space is selected during the selection window. Deposits can only be made via credit card or e-check. We do strongly encourage use of the credit/debit card option.

If there is a financial concern about paying the deposit please see the waiver section of the website.

Sample 2016 Selection Calendar and Information

Calendar of Grouping, Selection, and Deposit Days

Frequently Asked Questions Guide

Flexible Housing

Deadline Extension: Flexible Housing applications will be available January 19 @10am through Monday, January 25 @ 5pm. Each person in the flexible housing group must individually complete the flexible housing application within his or her eLiving account.

Flexible Housing is an on-campus housing option in which the assignment process is not determined by gender. Any student, regardless of gender, may choose to live with each other in the same room and/or same space.

Students may choose to apply for Flexible Housing if they meet the following criteria:

  • Who currently live on campus for the Spring 2015 semester.
  • Who are eligible for on-campus housing for the 2016-2017 academic year.This process is only open to returning students who would normally qualify to reapply for on-campus housing.

Flexible Housing Policies

1.     All applicants must agree to live with each other and to the policies/procedures of Flexible Housing before entering into housing selection.

2.     Should an opening occur within the flexible housing unit the space will be filled by one of the following methods:

  • The students in the unit will have 3 business days to notify housing of another roommate to fill the vacancy.This person must either be currently living on campus or eligible for on-campus housing.
  • At time of application, students within the group may all agree to a roommate who also applied for flexible housing be placed within the unit.
  • If the students in the group do not select another roommate nor do they agree to have an approved applicant placed to fill the vacancy then the unit will move from flexible housing to traditionally gendered housing.This will more often than not result in students being reassigned or moved to different housing.The Housing Services Coordinator will work with the students to facilitate moving students, if necessary, to appropriate traditional housing.
  • Housing Services reserves the right to consolidate students in flexible housing if necessary.

3.     Room change request policy and procedure will not change, however, students will have the option to move within flexible and traditional housing as long as the criteria is met and agreed upon

4.     Applying for Flexible Housing is not a guarantee of space. 

Flexible Housing Procedures

1.     Students who wish to live together in flexible housing must first identify a group of four or six and designate a group leader. Groups must fill an entire unit.

2.    Each member of the flexible housing group must log into eLiving and complete a Flexible housing application between January 19 @10am and January 22@4pm.

3.    Each member of the flexible housing group must attend one of the Flexible Housing information sessions hosted by Housing and Residence Life. If one member does not attend an information session then the entire group may not be approved for flexible housing.

Flexible Housing Information Sessions:

Thursday, Jan 28th @ 4pm in Hampton Roads Multipurpose Room
Friday, Jan 29th @ 11am in Eisenhower Media Room
Monday, Feb 1st @ 5:30pm in Rogers Multipurpose Room
Friday, Feb 5th @ 3pm in Eisenhower Media Room

4.    Each flexible housing applicant will then receive instruction via email from Housing Services on how to continue with grouping and housing selection. Housing Selection for groups entering into Flexible Housing will mirror the same process as general Housing Selection.

5.     After room selection all students in Flexible Housing will proceed as any other Mason housing student (pay the deposit, etc.)

The application can be found by logging into eLiving.
Select the Current Resident Section and below the 2016-2017 Applications section, select the Flexible Housing Application option.

Flexible Housing FAQ

Flexible Housing FAQ

Q: Why offer Flexible Housing?

A: Over the years we have had occasional requests for flexible housing and are formalizing a way forward for students who seek this special arrangement. Mason, as well as many institutions across the country, is responding to the changes in residential student housing needs. There are numerous reasons that a student would need or want to live in a more flexible and inclusive housing assignment. Giving our upper class students the opportunity to select their apartment or suitemates without restrictions embraces the needs of the broader Mason community.

Q: What is the history on Flexible Housing

A: Universities across the country have been working toward the development of more flexible living-learning environments that strive to provide a range of options that respond to students' diverse backgrounds, interests, preferences and needs in a thoughtful way. More than 150 colleges and universities offered some form of gender-neutral housing during this academic year.

Pursuing this initiative has been a recommendation of the George Mason University Campus Climate task force from 3 years ago. The George Mason University Housing & Residence Life team AND partners across campus have been thorough and thoughtful in developing Mason's initial approach.

Q: What is the application and assignments process for Flexible Housing?

A: The Flexible Housing option will be available to returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors through the housing selection process. Students who wish to take advantage of the new option generally must enter into the housing selection process with four or six apartment/suitemates who agree to this arrangement. Our Housing staff would work with any first-year or transfer students individually if a special need was identified.

Q: Are any special steps being taken in the roll out of this new option?

A: To ensure that our students do not enter this agreement lightly, our housing services staff developed an application process that includes a special agreement and a face-to-face meeting with a professional staff member. This meeting with the group members is meant to explore potential issues and to ensure students have thought through the unique issues that may arise. Housing staff will check in with group members during the year to identify issues of concern.

Q: Can students randomly be assigned to a roommate of the opposite sex?

A: No. The selection of gender-neutral housing will be by student choice only; no student will be assigned to a gender neutral living situation without his or her expressed consent.

Q: What if a student chooses to live with someone in a gender-neutral arrangement and becomes uncomfortable with the situation?

A: Students will have the option to dissolve their group and move into more traditional housing if flexible housing does not work for them.

Q: What if parents don't want their child to live in a gender-neutral housing space? Will parents be notified if their child opts for gender-neutral housing?

A: It is the student's choice to tell their parent or guardian about their decision to live in a gender-neutral housing. We encourage them to maintain an open dialogue with their families so that they can be supportive of their housing decision.

Q: How is the Flexible Housing accommodations setup?

All upper class suites and apartments that are open to gender-neutral housing have single use bathrooms (one toilet and one shower).

Q:  Can couples live together under this policy?

A: We discourage students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in campus housing. However, out of respect for student privacy, we will not question the student's motives for requesting gender-neutral housing.


Mason Global Center - 11 month agreement. NEW for 2016-2017!

Mason Global Center, 11-month agreement

The Mason Global Center is the home of the INTO Mason program, an international Pathway and English Language program. Limited space is available for upperclass domestic students in this unique residential community where students have the opportunity to live on campus in an 11-month contract that spans from August 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Students living in Mason Global Center interact with Mason students from around the world, both freshmen and upperclass. This housing option is ideal for students who crave learning about international cultures and need the opportunity to live on campus longer than the standard 9 month contract. All rooms are double occupancy with a private bath. The Globe dining center is located on the first floor.

This housing option is available to groups of two and individuals only.

Deposit Waiver

Deposit Waiver

The Deposit Waiver request form will be available in the eLiving account within the Current Resident section, under the 2016-2017 Applications header from Friday, February 12th @ 10am through Sunday, February 21st @ 4pm . Students seeking a deposit waiver will submit the online request AND be required to submit paper documentation with his/her FAFSA EFC score. Deposit waivers are only available for students with a FAFSA Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) score of $1500 or less. No deposit extensions will be offered. Students will be approved for a waiver or required to pay the $300 deposit. If not waiver is approved or deposit paid, a selected bed space will be cancelled. Only the bed space for the unpaid deposit will be cancelled. All other students, with paid deposits or approved waivers within the apartment/suite/room will remain assigned.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Returning residents interested in living in a Living Learning Community (LLC) must complete an LLC application.

If you're invited to join an LLC, you will be sent instructions and a deadline for paying your deposit to confirm your space. Deadline Extension:The deadline for Fall 2016 LLC applications is Monday, January 25 @ 5pm. Questions about LLCs should be directed to the Office of Living Learning Community Development.


View a glossary of commonly used Mason housing terms.

Average Seniority
Each student’s seniority is determined by the number of Mason credits you have earned as of the beginning of Spring 2015. During the group selection process, each group’s seniority will be determined by averaging the credit hours of the members of the group. Groups whose average is higher will select before groups with a lower average. For example, members of a group of four may have 80, 75, 70, and 40 credits, for a total of 265 credits. Their average seniority is 265 divided by 4, or 66.25 credits. A group whose average is 65 would select after the group whose average is 66.25.

Each suite has one, two, three, or four bedrooms. The bedrooms are where beds, dressers, and desks for the residents are. Bedrooms can be single, double, or triple occupancy. The bathroom (and living room and kitchen, where applicable) are considered common space.

A bedspace refers to the count of people who can live in a bedroom or suite. For example, a single bedroom has one bedspace, a double bedroom has two bedspaces, and a suite with two double bedrooms has four bedspaces.

A $300 non-refundable housing deposit is due shortly after your space is selected. This deposit confirms that you are accepting your selected space. If you do not pay your deposit by your deadline, your assignment will be cancelled and another student will be able to select that space.

Doubles (or double bedrooms)
A double is a bedroom for two students. Almost all double bedrooms are within suites for four or six students, so students seeking doubles should join a group to increase their chances of being able to select a double bedroom. We anticipate that some spaces in double bedrooms will also be available during individual selection, after group selection has occurred.

Students are encouraged to enter the selection process with one or more other students to form a group. Groups should have six, four, three, or two students in them. Groups will have the highest priority to select a suite with the same number of bedspaces as there are people in their group. A group of six students will be entered in the lottery to select a suite for six people, a group of four students will be entered in the lottery to select a suite for four people, etc. Groups must have a group leader (which will be indicated on your application). The majority of available space is in suites for four people.

Group Leader
Each group of six, four, three or two students will identify one student to be the group leader. The group leader will be the student responsible for logging into the selection software and selecting the suite for all members of the group. The other members of the group do not log-in during selection. All students in the group will indicate their group leader’s name and G# on their housing application. The group leader does not have to be the person with the most seniority in the group. If the group leader is unavailable at the assigned selection time, they may designate another member of the group to be the group leader, instead.

Group Priority

Groups of six, four, three, or two students will select earlier in the process than individual students. Groups will select suites that have the same number of available bedspaces as there are students in the group. During group selection, the group must fill the suite in order to be able to select it. You will indicate your group size on your housing application. Groups will select from their desired suite size (six, four, three, two) in order of the average seniority of the group members. Groups with higher average seniority select earlier than groups with lower average seniority

Group Selection
Group selection will occur in two phases. First, groups of four students will be able to select from available suites with four empty bedspaces. Then, groups of six, three, and two will be able to select from appropriate sized suites. During group selection, the group must fill the suite in order to be able to select it. You will indicate your group size on your housing application. Groups will select from their desired suite size (six, four, three, two) in order of the average seniority of the group members.

Housing Selection

Housing Selection is the process by which eligible undergraduate students have the opportunity to select their bedspace for the following academic year. Housing Selection is designed to allow the most students the greatest ability to select their desired space. Depending on demand for housing, there is no guarantee that all students will have the opportunity to select their own space.

Individual Selection
Housing Selection will happen in two phases. Groups will have the first opportunity to select from available spaces. After group selection, remaining students (both those who originally applied as individuals, and those who did not select during group selection) will enter individual selection, when they may select a space for themselves or may pull-in as many suitemates as they choose. During individual selection, there will be no requirement to fill a suite in order to select it. We anticipate that most space available during individual selection will be in double bedrooms. Some singles bedrooms will be available earlier in the process for students with higher seniority.

A student who does not join a group is referred to as an individual. Students who are individuals in the process will select after all groups have had an opportunity to select. Individuals will be able to select from remaining bedspaces, which will likely be one space in a double room. We anticipate any remaining singles will be selected early in individual selection.

Mason Credits 
The number of credits earned at Mason. Mason Credits will be used to determine seniority. Credits earned from high school etc, will not count towards seniority.

Priority implies that a group or individual will have an increased chance at selecting their desired suite/space. It does not guarantee the ability to select this desired suite/space.

"Pull-in” refers to the act of selecting for another resident by pulling them into the space. A student may pull another student in during individual selection by using that student’s pull-in password. We do not anticipate there being much opportunity to pull-in during individual selection.

Pull-in Password

Each student will have a pull-in password randomly assigned to them during selection. This password is needed to complete selection for anyone other than the person who is doing the selecting. During group selection, group leaders will be given the pull-in password for members of their group. During individual selection, students may share their pull-in password with another student if they give that student permission to select their space for them. Do not give your pull-in password to someone unless you approve of them selecting your space for you.

The housing rates are the cost to live in a given room type for the academic year. The rates vary by room and suite type, so it is important you review the rates and only select a space you can afford. Assignments will not be cancelled due to inability to pay for the room selected. Be sure that your group leader understands where you can afford to live. The rates for the following year are available late in the Spring. The current year rates are a good estimate of how expensive different room types are relative to each other

The student with whom you share a bedroom. If you live in a double, you have one roommate.


The order of selection is determined by the seniority of the members of a group. Mason credit hours earned as of the beginning of Spring 2014 will determine seniority – more credit hours equals more seniority, which equals an earlier selection time. Selection time for groups will be determined by using the average seniority of all group members.

Singles (or single bedrooms)
A single is a bedroom for one student. All single bedrooms are within suites for two or more students, so students seeking singles should join a group to increase their chances of being able to select a single bedroom. We do not anticipate many single bedrooms being available during individual selection.

All upperclass bedrooms are part of suites or suites with kitchens. A suite refers to a living unit where a small number of residents share a private bathroom. Over 70% of available upperclass beds are in four-person suites (or suites with kitchens). Suites have a combination of single and double bedrooms.

Suite Type
This refers to the various combinations of singles and doubles in suites. Some examples of suite types would be three-bedroom suites with two singles and a double, or two bedroom suites with two doubles, or four bedroom suites with four singles. Review the full listing of available suite-types.

Suite with Kitchen
All upperclass bedrooms are part of suites or suites with kitchens. A suite refers to a living unit where a small number of residents share a private bathroom. A suite with kitchen is similar to an apartment – it will have one or more single or double bedrooms, a bathroom (and in some cases two bathrooms), a kitchen, and a living room. Over 70% of available upperclass beds are in four-person suites or suites with kitchens.


The student(s) with whom you share a multiple room suite. You do not share a bedroom with your suitemates. You do share a bathroom, and, in some cases a kitchen and living room, with them.

Triples (or triple bedroom)
A triple is a bedroom for three students. There are only four triple bedrooms for upperclass students. (Note: There are suites with three bedspaces available – these are generally suites with either two double bedrooms or a double bedroom and two single bedrooms where one bedspace is for the RA or is being held for a participant in a special program.)

Demand for housing is greater than supply, so some students do not get to select a room during Housing Selection, but still have priority to receive a space. Additionally, students who are not eligible for Housing Selection may wish to live on-campus. They may apply to the Waitlist beginning in May. They will receive housing offers as space becomes available, after all of the students remaining from Housing Selection have been placed. Assignments will be offered throughout the summer. Students who apply in May or later are encouraged to have other housing options in the event that space does not become available for them.

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