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A Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood

Mason's 40-plus residence halls are arranged into three residential communities, known as neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a 24-hour services desk, and staff with responsibilities ranging from residence life, to housing assignments, to facilities.

If you have a problem, issue or suggestion, we want to hear it. Find the person best able to answer your question or lend a hand in the staff listings accompanying each neighborhood description.


The Aquia Neighborhood (pronounced, ah-KWYE'-ah) is the home of Whitetop, Rogers, the Student Apartments, and the University Townhouses. Aquia houses upper-class students in suites and apartments. Features include:

  • Located in the northwest corner of campus near the Recreational and Athletic Complex (RAC) and Student Union Building 1.
  • Easy access to academic buildings, parking, Subway, a convenience store, and nearby food and shopping at the University Mall and Old Town Fairfax.
  • A 24-hour service desk is in Whitetop.

Aquia Staff

Assistant Director for Residence Life

Meeghan Milette Meeghan Milette

 Phone: 703-993-2720






Housing Services Coordinator

 Elisabeth Burrick

 Phone: 703-993-2720







Neighborhood Administrative Specialist

Alyssa Fields

Phone: 703-993-9245

Resident Director: Mason Global Center (INTO)

Anthony Berardo Anthony Berardo

 Phone: 703-993-6006






Resident Director: Rogers & Townhouses


 Phone: 703-993-4763







Resident Director: Whitetop

 Avery McNaughtonAvery McNaughton

 Phone: 703-993-4765






Maintenance Manager (Aquia)

Hassan Kamoul Hassan Kamoul

 Phone: 703-993-2720






Neighborhood Facilities Manager (Aquia)

 Paramjit Pannu

 Phone: 703-993-2720








The Rappahannock Neighborhood is made up of Blue Ridge, The Commons, Commonwealth, Dominion, Eastern Shore, Hampton Roads, Northern Neck, Piedmont, Sandbridge, and Tidewater halls. We are also the home of Mason’s Living Learning Communities. Residents are a mix of upper-class and freshman students. Features include:

  • Located in the northeast corner of campus, stretching towards the center.
  • Easy access to academic buildings, The Hub, parking, Starbucks, a convenience store, Southside Dining, Skyline Fitness, and The Ridge.
  • A 24-hour service desk is in Piedmont.

Rappahannock staff

Assistant Director for Residence Life

Christian Barber Christian Barber

 Phone: 703-993-2720






Housing Services Coordinator


Colleen Moore

 Phone: 703-993-2720







Neighborhood Administrative Specialist

Carlos Alvardo

Phone: 703-993-9883

Resident Director: Piedmont & Tidewater

Evan Gazdecki

Phone: 703-993-2720



Resident Director: Blue Ridge & Sandbridge

Seth Richards

Phone: 703-993-7083

Resident Director: The Commons

Leotie Yard Leotie Yard

 Phone: 703-993-3791






Graduate Assistant-Resident Director: The Commons

 Sofiyat Ibrahim

 Phone: 703-993-6333






Resident Director: Northern Neck

ElBonita Hawkins Elliott

Phone: 703-993-1970

Resident Director: Eastern Shore

 Erica Fraser

 Phone: 703-993-2720

Resident Director: Hampton Roads

Monet Warren

Phone: 703-993-6742







Resident Director: Dominion

Brad Teague

 Phone: 703-993-3821







Graduate Assistant-Resident Director: Commonwealth

Geoffrey Rath

Phone: 703-993-1327






Senior Maintenance Manager

 Val Gyurov

 Phone: 703-993-2720






Senior Neighborhood Facilities Manager

John Rogers

Phone: 703-993-2720


The Shenandoah Neighborhood is made up of Liberty Square, Presidents Park, and Potomac Heights residence halls. Residents are a mix of upper-class and freshman students. Features include:

  • Located in the southeast corner of campus.
  • Easy access to academic buildings, parking, and Ike’s Dining Hall.
  • A 24-hour service desk is in Eisenhower, in Presidents Park.

Shenandoah staff

Assistant Director for Residence Life


 Phone: 703-993-2720






Housing Services Coordinator

Sherri Greenaway

Phone: 703-993-2720







Neighborhood Administrative Specialist

 Kerrianne Hentges

 Phone: 703-993-2727







Resident Director: Presidents Park 1 (HA, JE, MO, WI)

Kelly Brower

Phone: 703-993-2677







Resident Director: Presidents Park 2 (KY, TR, MA, WA)

Jeff Massetti Jeff Massetti

 Phone: 703-993-2878






Resident Director: Presidents Park 3 (AD, LN, JK, RS)

Tara Rhodes Tara Rhodes

 Phone: 703-993-8985






Resident Director: Taylor Hall

Kristi Manwill Kristi Manwill

 Phone: 703-993-2320






Resident Director: Liberty Square

Tamika Tait

Phone: 703-993-9241






Resident Director: Potomac Heights

Christian Suero

 Phone: 703-993-9251







Neighborhood Facilities Manager (Shenandoah)

Ricki Lamar Davis Ricki Lamar Davis

 Phone: 703-993-2720