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Our doors are always open, our phones are always answered, and we reply to all emails. 

Members of the Housing staff want your questions, because it's our job to answer them, and to make your life at Mason the best it can be. Come by in person, call, or leave a message. We want to hear from you.

Location: Potomac Heights Ground Floor

Mailing Address: 4400 University Dr MS 3f6 Fairfax, VA 22030 

Main office number: 703-993-2720

Housing email:

Housing Central Staff

Assistant Dean of University Life and Chief Housing Officer

Dr. Christopher J. Holland

Phone: 703-993-2796​


Executive Assistant

L'Erin Garner-Holden L'Erin Garner-Holden

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Director of Housing Services and Finances

Maria Fiore Maria Fiore

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Director of Residence Life

Tera Monroe Tera Monroe

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Associate Director of Housing Services

Melissa Thierry Melissa Garza Thierry

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Associate Director of Housing Facilities

Ron Scott Ron Scott 

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Associate Director of Housing Operations

John Rogers

 Phone: 703-993-2720







Assistant Director of Facilities


Phone: 703-993-2720

Assistant Director of Billing and Occupancy

Myra Gibson

 Phone: 703-993-2796







Assistant Director of Conferences and Marketing

McKenzie Riley

Phone: 703-993-2796







Information Technology Manager

Lauren Hutt Lauren Hutt

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Information Technology Support Specialist

Joel Byron

Phone: 703-993-2720

Applications Analyst

Dil Begum

Phone: 703-993-2720

Housing Management Application Analyst

Brent Johnson

Phone: 703-993-2720

Human Resource Specialist

Allison Wildman

Phone: 703-993-9255

Human Resource & Payroll Coordinator

Petra Russell

Phone: 703-993-2796







Marketing and Housing Services Coordinator for Summer

 Dominique Vines

 Phone: 703-993-2796







Business and Finance Manager

Kevin Sheehan

Phone: 703-993-2796







Business Operations Coordinator

Maggie Sefat Maggie Sefat

 Phone: 703-993-2796






Procurement and Asset Control Coordinator

Shameka Jones

Phone: 703-993-2796

Housing Operations Coordinator

Lynne Appleman

Phone: 703-993-2796






Groundskeeping Supervisor

Zach Terrell

Phone: 703-993-2796







Assistant Director for Residence Life and University Life

Erin Brandt

Location: Science & Technology Campus

Phone: 703-993-7040





Residence Life Central Staff

Associate Director of Community Development


Phone: 703-993-2720

Associate Director of Living Learning Communities

Aysha Puhl

Phone: 703-993-2720

Assistant Director for Community Standards

Lora Learmont Lora Learmont

 Phone: 703-993-2720






Assistant Director of Residence Life

Christian Barber Christian Barber

 Phone: 703-993-2720






Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety, University Life

Rudina (Rudi) Lubonja

Phone: 703-993-2720

Graduate Assistant for Community Standards

Marissa Strang

Phone: 703-993-2720

Graduate Assistant for Residential Student Engagement

Alex Maimone

Phone: 703-993-2720

Graduate Assistant for Residential Education

Jeremy Steinel

Phone: 703-993-2720