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Work for Mason Housing and Residence Life

Help us create a safe, welcoming, and fun home for our students.

They're in the classroom only part of the week. Much of the rest of the time, Mason students are in their rooms in the residence halls, where your presence will be both needed and wanted.

Our students are at a formative age, in which they're becoming adults who are ready to make their way in the world. You'll have the opportunity and responsibility to help guide them into becoming the people they're meant to be, and can have a real impact on their lives when you:

  • Help them make the right choices.
  • Provide options in a difficult situation.
  • Be a friend and a mentor.
  • Listen and offer advice.
  • Step in when you see a dangerous or difficult situation.
  • Provide resources that can help those in need.

Members of our Housing and Residence Life staff are also problem solvers, and how hard you work affects the quality of life of the students in your charge. Making a real difference in someone's life is part of the job description.

You'll also have the opportunity to continue your own education, with classes just a few steps away. Don't forget the recreation and cultural activities available to Mason staffers.

There are a variety of professional positions within Housing and Residence Life, ranging from live-in residence education professionals to facilities maintenance professionals and more. Find out more at

George Mason Students dancing

As a member of the Housing staff, you might plan and participate in fun events with your residents throughout the academic year.