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Flex Housing

Mason Offers Options

Flexible housing is an on-campus residence option in which any students, regardless of gender, may choose to share the same room or apartment.

Flexible living environments provide a range of options that respond to students' diverse backgrounds, interests, preferences, and needs in a thoughtful way. Mason offers flexible housing because we've had requests for such an option and think that formalizing a process for students who seek this type of living arrangement is the best way to make it work.

Students may choose to apply for flexible housing if they:

  • Currently live on campus.
  • Are eligible for on-campus housing for the next academic year. This option is only open to returning students who qualify to reapply for on-campus housing.

Applying for flexible housing does not guarantee a space.

No student will be assigned to a gender-neutral living situation without his or her express consent.

Who Is Eligible

This option will be available to returning sophomores, juniors, and seniors who must enter the selection process with four or six apartment/suite mates. Our Housing staff will work with any first-year or transfer students individually if a special need is identified.

To ensure that our students do not enter this agreement lightly, Housing developed an application process that includes a special agreement that must be signed by all students wishing to select their assignment through the Flexible Housing option.  Housing will check in with group members periodically to see how things are going.

If Issues Arise

Students will have the option to dissolve their group and move into more traditional housing if the flexible housing arrangement does not work.


It is the students' choice to tell their parent or guardian about their decision to live in a gender-neutral housing. We encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with their families so that they can be supportive of their housing decision.

Sharing Spaces

All upper-class suites and apartments that are open to gender-neutral housing have single-use bathrooms (one toilet and one shower).


We discourage students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in campus housing. However, out of respect for student privacy, we will not question the student's motives for requesting gender-neutral housing.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted starting on Friday, December 15, 2017. Each person in the flexible housing group must individually complete the flexible housing application within his or her eLiving account. Applications and deposits must be completed no later than Friday, February 02, 2018.


All applicants must agree to live with each other and agree to follow all policies/procedures. Should an opening occur within the flexible housing unit, the space will be filled by one of the following methods:

  • Students in the unit will have three business days to notify housing of another roommate to fill the vacancy. This person must either be currently living on campus or eligible for on-campus housing.
  • Students within the group may all agree to a roommate who also applied for flexible housing.
  • If the students in the group do not select another roommate or agree to have an approved applicant placed to fill the vacancy, the unit will move from flexible housing to traditional gender-based housing. This often results in students being reassigned or moved to different spaces. The Housing Services Coordinator will work with students to facilitate any necessary moves.
  • Housing Services reserves the right to consolidate students in flexible housing if necessary.

Room change request policies and procedures will not change; however, students will have the option to move within flexible and traditional housing, as long as all criteria are met.


  • Students who wish to live in flexible housing must identify a group and designate a group leader.
    • Groups must fill an entire unit.
    • Groups unable to find an available unit with adequate space, will be required to proceed through Housing Selection as individuals.
  • Each member of the flexible housing group must log into eLiving and complete a flexible housing application and pay the $300 deposit, beginning December 15.
  • Each flexible housing applicant will receive instructions via email from Housing on how to continue with grouping and housing selection. The process will mirror general room selection.
  • After room selection, students in flexible housing will proceed as any other Mason Housing student.