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Returning Residents

Housing and Residence Life has opened the Housing Waitlist Application for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Submit your application through StarRez. 

Welcome back, Patriot. We're glad you're here.

Housing Selection is the process where current residential students apply to live on campus for the following academic year. All current residential students are welcome to apply, but, due to the high demand, we are unable to guarantee housing for all upperclass students. Rising sophomores who succesfully complete the housing selection process are guaranteed on-campus housing and we will work to house as many rising juniors and seniors as we can. 

There are a few questions you'll need to answer before you begin the housing application process. 

Three Eligibility Questions for On-Campus Housing

Are you:  
A returning student?
A current campus resident, living on campus or participating in study abroad?
A full-time undergraduate?

If you answered "yes," to all of the above, then you are eligible to apply for housing for the 2020-2021 academic year.


First Steps

Complete a housing application via StarRez. Your application must be completed no later than February 4, 2020, at noon. 

If you missed the deadline, the general application will open mid to late July.

Once a housing agreement is signed and the housing deposit is paid, you are locked into the agreement. We advise you not to sign unless you are serious about living on campus.

Make a Plan. After all housing applications are submitted and approved, you'll have the opportunity to identify your group size and members starting February 11, 2020.

  • Mason encourages students to go into the selection process with one or more buddies as this improves the likelihood of living with friends/compatible suite mates.
  • Groups can be composed of up to six people. You can also go through this process as an individual.
  • Certain types of spaces, such as large apartments and single rooms, are not widely available. Keep your budget in mind, and remember to factor in pricing, location, meal plan requirements, and access to halls over winter break.

Select Your Living Space. Group leaders will choose the space and selection will take place March 2-6. The 2020-2021 Housing Selection FAQ Guide is coming soon! 

Room Lists

ADA Accessible Room List

Housing and Residence Life offers a variety of ADA Accessible spaces throughout our residential communities. View the complete list of ADA Accessible spaces here

Resident Advisor Room List
Angel Cabrera Global Center 2005A, 2027A, 3005A, 3027A, 4005A, 4027A, 5005A, 6005A, 6027A and 7005A
Rogers Hall 1007B-1, 2022B-1, 3004B-1, 3102B-1, 4022B-1, 5004A-1, 5102B-1, and 6022B-1       
Townhouses TA-11R-1, TB-05F-1, TB-11R-1 and TC-05F-1
Whitetop Hall 1011B-1, 2017B-1, 2032A-1, 3011B-1, 3027B-1, 3038A-1, 4017B-1, 4027B-1,  5011B-1, 5032A-1, 5032B-1 and 6017B-1
Blue Ridge Hall 211B-1, 220A-1, 311B-1, 318A-1, 411B-1, 420A-1, 511B-1
Sandbridge Hall 211B-1, 311B-1, 411B-1, 504B-1, 511A-1, 611A-1
Eastern Shore Hall 2004B-1, 2007B-1, 3004B-1, 3007B-1, 4004B-1, 5004B-1, 5007B-1, and 5007C-1
Hampton Roads Hall 1242B-1, 2011A-1, 2032A-1, 2032B-1, 3011A-1, 3042B-1, 4011A-1, 4032A-1, 5011A-1, 5019B-1, 5042B-1, 6011A-1, 6032A-1
Northern Neck Hall 159B-1, 202B-1, 222B-1, 305B-1, 320B-1, 410B-1, 410C-1, 422B-1, 422C-1, 502B-1, and 529B-1
Piedmont Hall 205A-1, 305A-1, 321A-1, 405A-1, 505A-1, and 605A-1
Tidewater Hall 205A-1, 305A-1, 323A-1, 405A-1, 405B-1, and 505A-1
The Commons 1002, 2002, 3002, 1011, 2002, 3002, 1010, 1011, 2011, and 3011
Liberty Square  A109A-1, A309A-1, B103B-1, B203A-1, B203B-1, B303A-1, B303B-1, B403B-1, D109A-1, D209C-1, and D309B-1
Potomac Heights F112B-1, F139A-1, F149B-1, F212B-1, F249B-1, F312B-1, F349B-1, F412A-1, F412B-1, F449A-1, F449B-1, and F549B-1
Commonwealth Hall 1211, 1228, 1311, 1328, 1411, 1428, 1511, and 1528
Dominion Hall 2212, 2227, 2312, 2327, 2412, 2427, 2512, and 2527
President's Park: Adams, Lincoln, Jackson, & Roosevelt  105a, 106a, 110a, 205a, 210a, and 306a
President's Park: Harrison, Jefferson, Monroe, & Wilson  101a, 110a, 115a, 215a, and 315a
President's Park: Kennedy, Madison, Truman, & Washington 101a, 105a, 110a, 115a, 206a, 210a, 215a, 306a, 308a, and 315a
Taylor Hall 1416a, 1800a, 2202a, 2416a, 2800a, 3202a, 3416a, 3800a, 4202a, 4416a, and 4800a