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Room Change Process

Need a new room assignment?


The room change and room swap processes will be available for most Mason students with a 2020-2021 assignment from MondayJuly 20, 2020 to Friday, July 31, 2020. Room changes and swaps will not be accepted after July 31st.  

Special populations that will not be eligible to participate in the online processes (list is incomplete):

  • Students with an approved accommodation through Office of Disability Services (ODS). 
  • INTO students living in an INTO space
  • Athletes 
  • All special population groups can email to discuss room change options. 

Completing the room change process will change your housing assignment for both the fall and spring semester. Please keep in mind, changing your room may change your housing rate. Please check our 2020-2021 room rates before switching spaces. 


Types of Room Change Processes

Room Change

  • Students can switch into an open space on campus. This could be a vacancy in a room or suite with your friends or a random open space on campus. 

Room Swap

  • Students can swap spaces with another students