Angel Cabrera Global Center

For 2021-2022, the Angel Cabrera Global Center is offline in order to provide quarantine/isolation housing for students. Information regarding the Angel Cabrera Global Center for 2022-2023 will be provided Spring 2022.

The Angel Cabrera Global Center is the home of INTO Mason, an international Pathway and English Language program. INTO Mason shares this space with upperclass domestic students.

INTO programs are for international students who need additional language and academic preparation before continuing to a degree program.

Over 80 beds are reserved for upperclass domestic students looking to live and build community within a culturally diverse residence hall program.

The Center is open 365 days a year, with a full-service dining hall on the first floor and several large, comfortable lounges on all floors.

Rooms are double and triple occupancy with a private bath. They include a bed, desk with chair, and closet space for you and your roommate(s). 

Angel Cabrera Global Center Floor Plan

Expanded Occupancy Triple Room List:

Building Expanded Occupancy Triple Rooms
Angel Cabrera Global Center

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