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LLC Peer Mentors

Living Learning Community Peer Mentors

2017-2018 Peer Mentors at Camp Horizons

Peer Mentors (PMs) play a pivotal role within Mason’s LLCs. They are upper-level students who can provide mentorship and guidance, help build community, provide academic and social support, connect students to resources and much more. LLC Peer Mentors share the same major and interests as LLC students and provide a vital communication line between the Mason student experience and LLC faculty and staff.  

Peer Mentor

 LLC Community 

 Class Rank & Major

 Jessica Barranco
 Leadership & Community Engagement   
 Sophomore - Community Health 
 Rebecca Beuschel
 Honors College
 Junior - Biology & Neuroscience
 Emily Cissell 
 Outdoor Adventure
 Junior - Parks & Outdoor Recreation 
 Daniel Colombani-Garay 
 Honors College
 Sophomore - Chemistry
 Hawatu Davowah
 Honors College
 Sophomore - International Studies
 Markeyla Galy 
 Sophomore - Business Management
 Elias Khayat 
 Honors College
 Sophomore - Biology
 Kate Klajbor 
 Honors College
 Sophomore - Marketing
 Katerina Liappis 
 Engineering & Computing
 Junior - Business Management
 Alexander Mertz
 Honors College 
 Junior - Mathematics
 Milo Pilgrim 
 Honors College
 Sophomore - Art History
 Jonathan Reed 
 Honors College
 Senior – Biology & Neuroscience
 Meghana Varde 
 Environment & Sustainability
 Senior - Environmental Science 
 Alex Wiemeyer 
 Sophomore - Theater
 Jennifer West 
 Mindful Living
 Junior – Criminology, Law & Society