Upper-Class Housing

Upper Class Housing Options

As an upperclassman you will have more on-campus housing options, including suite- and apartment-style rooms. More single rooms are available if you need solitude to hit the books. You'll also find common areas, such as lounges and laundry, throughout the communities. ​Resident Advisors live on site, and they'll answer your questions and provide support.​ Pictures of our residence hall rooms can be found on our Facebook page here.

Rising juniors and seniors are not guaranteed housing, however, we do our best to provide housing to as many students as we can!

Mason students in a lounge

Mason students hang out in the Eastern Shore residence hall​. Lounges can be found throughout our residence hall communities​.


We have eight suite-style halls representing a variety of floor plans. Some suites have bedroom entries from the main hallway and share a bathroom with one other room. Others have hallway entrances, with two to four bedrooms, and up to four residents share a bathroom.

Bedroom options consist of doubles, singles, or triples. A handful of suites have kitchenettes (sink, microwave, small refrigerator). However, if you live in a suite, you must buy a meal plan.

Suite-style buildings include:


Slightly more than half of our residential upper-class students live in one of our five apartment-style complexes, which have a variety of floor plans. These fully furnished units have full kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, bathrooms, and a combination of bedrooms, ranging from two singles to two doubles and two singles. Most units house four people; some will be home to two, five, or six. All bedrooms are single, double, or triple occupancy.

If you live in an apartment, you can choose to buy a voluntary meal plan, but it's not required.

Apartment-style buildings include: