Piedmont/Tidewater/Blue Ridge/Sandbridge

Your Home in the Rappahannock Neighborhood

Upperclass suite style living options, such as Blue Ridge, Sandbridge, Piedmont and Tidewater Halls, are home to nearly 700 students. These buildings neighbor Southside dining hall, Skyline Fitness, a convenience store, and Starbucks.


All rooms contain one of each of the following per-resident. 

Bed Desk
Chair Dresser
Carpets and window treatments are provided. 
  • Suites consist of single, double, and triple bedrooms, with four to six residents sharing each bathroom.     
  • Buildings have group living areas and study lounges.
  • Residents have access to a game room.
  • A 24-hour service desk is on Piedmont/Tidewater's ground floor.
  • Each residential area has free Wi-Fi and cable
  • Upper-Level Learning Communities:
    • Business & Entrepreneurship - Blue Ridge Hall
    • Global Patriots - Sandbridge Hall
    • Leadership through Community Engagement - Piedmont Hall
    • LGBTQ+ - Piedmont Hall


Piedmont, Tidewater, Blue Ridge, and Sandbridge Hall Floor Plans

Suite Economy Triple Room List:

Building Suite Economy Triple Rooms
Blue Ridge 203A, 204C, 206C, 208A, 218C, 222A, 303A, 304C, 306C, 308A, 318C, 322A,  403A, 404C, 406C, 408A, 418C, and 422A
Piedmont 502A, 503C, 505C, 507A, 521C, 523C, 602A, 603C, 605C, 607A,  621C, and 623C
Sandbridge 203A, 206C, 208A, 219C, 221C, 224A, 303A, 308A, 315A, 319C, 321C, 403A, 408A, 415A, 419C, 421C, 424A, 503A, 508A, 515A, 519C, 521C, 524A, 603A, 608A, 615A, 619C, 621C, and 624A
Tidewater 203C, 205C, 220C, 223C, 302A, 303C, 305C, 307A, 320C, 323C, 324A, 325A,
402A, 403C, 405C, 407A, 420C, 423C, 424A, 425A, 502A, 503C, 505C, 507A,
520C, 523C, 524A, and 525A