Whitetop Hall

Your Home in Whitetop

Whitetop is an upper-level Residence Hall that is adjacent to Rogers. This building has a convenience store as well. Whitetop is also the home to the upper-level Arts Learning Community. 

All rooms contain one of each of the following per-resident. 

Bed Desk
Chair Dresser
Carpets and window treatments are provided. 
  • Whitetop opened in spring 2012 and is home to approximately 300 residents.
  • This six-floor building offers three-, four-, and five-person suites, where residents share a common entryway and bathroom.
  • Each floor has multiple common areas and kitchens. Laundry and vending facilities are on the ground floor.
  • Each residential area has free Wi-Fi and cable.

Whitetop Hall Floor Plans and Images

White top Hall, First Floor Lobby, Housing & Residence Life


Whitetop Hall, Lobby, Housing & Residence Life


Whitetop Hall, Ground Floor, Housing & Residence Life