First Year Interest Learning Communities

What is an Interest Learning Community?

Interest Learning Communities are not tied to any academic units but are intended to focus on more interdisciplinary passion areas. While these Learning Communities are solely run by Housing & Residence Life, there is a strong level of encouragement for various campus offices to engage in these communities as they see fit.  

While there are not required courses in the Interest Learning Communities, there may be promotion of specific courses to the community that center on the topic of the Learning Community.  

List of LCs

Community Engagement & Activism

Live with like-minded peers interested in exploring social concerns in order to become an active part of solutions in the Community Engagement and Activism LC. Members examine local and global issues through academic study and activism, with an emphasis on leadership, positive change and active citizenship.


Creativity, Design, & Expression

Calling all makers, creators, artists, designers and inventors – the Design, Creativity and Expression LC inspires creative problem solving and engagement with a focus on expression. Students in this community will imagine, design, and collaborate in learning across artistic disciplines in order to produce innovative and hands on projects.


Criminal Justice

Those passionate about justice, equity, and human rights will live in community with others who strive to reform the justice system and restore balance to the community. Students in this LC will explore the morality justice and ways to provide access and opportunity to all.


Economics & Financial Markets

With a focus on the behavior and interactions of economic agents and how economies work, students in the Economics & Money Markets LC will learn how to develop strategies and analyze policy. Students will engage in hands-on learning about investment and profit maximization with other money-minded individuals.



Those within the Entrepreneurship LC will have the opportunity to live, work and explore, alongside other driven individuals with a passion to design, invent, implement, and develop. Gain the tools and knowledge needed to create new businesses, startups, ventures, and initiatives.


Environment & Sustainability

Students in the Environment & Sustainability LC have a passion to preserve the planet and live sustainably. Members of this community will contribute to Mason’s efforts to create the greenest campus and university community in Virginia by engaging in sustainability efforts inside and outside the classroom.


Health & Well-Being

Students in the Health & Well-Being LC will learn how to promote healthy lifestyles and foster a deeper sense of self-awareness as they work to improve the health and well-being of communities and populations. This community provides support and guidance in a student’s journey of self-exploration and wellness.


Human Behavior and Social Connection

Explore human behavior with other students who want to study, support, and have a positive impact on humanity in the Human Behavior and Social Connection LC. Students will take in the world around them through a psycho-social lens and work to create a brighter future.


Intercultural Exploration

Open your mind and be prepared for the opportunity to explore cultures near to home and abroad. In the Intercultural Exploration interest-community, peers will become your travel companions as you gain global understanding competencies and overcome cross-cultural barriers.


Please note that this location has been changed from Piedmont Hall and while it will still be listed as Piedmont Hall on the application, the Intercultural Exploration LC will be in The Commons for 2021-2022. 


How do you define leadership? In the Leadership LC explore different leadership philosophies, local and global issues, and how to be an active citizen alongside peers.  Members will get the opportunity to define what kind of leader they want to be in their community.


Marketing, Media, & Communication

In the Marketing, Media, & Communication LC, students will be surrounded by others with a passion for digital media, content creation, and public relations. Students will gain skills in presentations, communication, media literacy, and social media promotion while engaging in activities and opportunities around the connectedness of our world.


Politics, Policy, & History

In the Politics, Policy, and History LC students will review the past, bring their own experience of current events and provide solutions to shape the future. Members will analyze the impacts of diplomatic resolutions, international challenges, and advocacy in order to understand their role in history.


Recreation & Outdoors

Hike, rock climb, kayak, and adventure outdoors with other like-minded individuals in the Recreation & Outdoors LC! Learn more about leadership skills, environmental impact, academic programs, and other organizations connected to outdoor learning. Students will gain leadership techniques through their adventures that can be translated into real-world skills.



Find connection with the world’s greatest inventors and innovators as you work to communicate scientific ideas, gather and evaluate evidence, and apply skills to real-life scenarios. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math LC will explore their passion around an ever-expanding field and learn to solve the complex problems of a 21st Century world.