Move in Guidebook: Fall 2021


George Mason Housing and Residence Life is excited to welcome you to campus this year! Whether you are a returning resident or are new to Housing and Residence Life, we are committed to providing you all with an inclusive community-oriented environment that will support your growth at Mason and beyond! Please take time to read through this document. Should you have any additional questions, please send us an email at


Please remember the following

  • Students and guests who are not vaccinated must wear a mask/face covering and observe social distancing measures.
  • Please be on time. Students who arrive late or too early for their check-in time are not guaranteed to move in that day. Students who miss their move-in appointment may need to wait until the next day to move into their assigned space.
  • If students and/or their guests are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, please remain home. Please contact housing to arrange for an alternative move-in date.
  • Please continue to practice CDC recommended hygiene guidelines (e.g. washing your hands for 20 seconds).
  • Please monitor signs located around the residence halls.


Important Dates

Monday, August 16th

  • Early arrival for approved students

Wednesday, August 18th - Thursday, August 19th

  • First-year student move in

Friday, August 20th - Sunday, August 22nd

  • Upper-level student move in

Monday, August 3rd

  • First Day of Classes

Wednesday, August 18th - Sunday, August 22nd

  • Preamble Programming

    • Preamble is a series of events put on by the Mason Community during move-in for new students, and those that accompany them to move-in, to have a fun time and learn more about campus!


Check-in Process

First Year Students

1) When arriving for check-in, all students and their guests should enter through the main entrance located at Braddock Road and Roanoke River Lane. First-year students and those approved for move in on August 18 and 19 will check in at Eagle Bank Arena using the South Entrance. Parking is available in Lot A, which is located across from and adjacent to the South Entrance.

Please Make sure that you have a government issued ID with you. This is required to begin the check-in process and pick up your Mason ID during check-in at Eagle Bank Arena.

2). After you complete the check-in process you will then proceed to your residential area to unload your belongings. Passes for unloading zones will be available for 2-hours. After you have finished unloading your items and the time period noted on your temporary pass has expired, you will need to move to long term parking in Lots K, L, or C. Cars that are parked in the unloading zones will be ticketed and/or towed. Oversized vehicles that will not fit in the Rappahannock Deck can unload in the parking lot in front of Merten Hall. Vehicles that may take up too much space in Presidents Park should unload in Lot R.

Unloading Zones:

Presidents Park

  • Road leading through Presidents Park (park alongside lane; do not block the road)
  • Lot R

Taylor/Liberty Square/Potomac Heights

  • Lot R

University Commons, Commonwealth, Dominion, Hampton Roads, Eastern Shore, Northern Neck, Blue Ridge, Sandbridge, Piedmont, Tidewater

  • Bottom Level of Rappahannock Deck


  • Lot I (eye)


  • Parking lot in front of Townhouses

Students and their guests will have two hours to unload their vehicles and complete the move-in process. Once the time on the parking pass has expired, students and their guests will need to move to a long-term parking space in Lot C,L, or K in order to allow other students to move in. Any cars left in unloading zones past the assigned time and/or overnight will have their cars ticketed and/or towed.

3). Join us for lunch! Housing and Residence Life as well as Sodexo will be hosting a lunch (free of cost) for first-year students and their families on August 18th-19th from 11:00am-1:00pm in Ike’s and Southside.


Upper Class Students

Check-in will be located at the following locations:

  • Liberty Square
  • Potomac Heights
  • Hampton Roads
  • The RIDGE
  • Piedmont
  • Whitetop
  • Townhouses

Students should check in at their building or at the check-in location that is closest to their assigned building.

Similar to first-year students, our upper-level students will be provided a 2-hour unloading pass. After you have finished unloading you should move to a long-term parking space and not parking in the loading zones overnight.

International Students

We are seeking to minimize risk to our community by following safety precautions as we have done all year. As such, any international student who arrives for check-in and has not met the vaccination requirement will be required to observe Quiet QuarantineInternational students who will not be fully vaccinated prior to their move-in appointment will need to e-mail to request an extension to the August 1st deadline.

Quiet quarantine= staying at home or in your residence hall room as much as possible. If you do leave your residence, this may be for specific reasons such as: getting a grab-and-go meal, accepting a grocery delivery, going for COVID testing, seeking medical attention, or spending a brief amount of time outside (socially distanced) to get fresh air and exercise. You must wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose if you leave your residence.

Residential students who live in a single bedroom assignment will be able to move directly into their academic year space if arriving to campus August 13th or later. Students will still be expected to abide by the guidance above until they complete their quiet quarantine period with Student Health Services.

Students who will be living in a double or triple bedroom assignment will need to complete their quiet quarantine in the AC Global Center. Students will still be permitted to leave their space for grab & go meals, outdoor exercise, etc., but will not be permitted to move into their academic year assignment until they receive clearance from Student Health Services.

Residential students can contact if they have additional questions about quiet quarantine policies and accommodation options.



Safety Procedures and Guidelines

Move-in Prerequisites

Your safety is our top priority. In order to ensure a smooth move in process, please complete the following:

1). Complete your Medical Health History. This can be done by visiting and selecting “Patient Portal”. The health history can be found in the “Forms” section. If you’re not sure if you’ve done this, you can check for a completion date within the “Forms” section of the Patient Portal. All residents will need to have their COVID vaccination documentation or exemption information submitted and approved by Student Health Services in order to move into the residence halls.

2). Exempt Students should complete their VAULT test kit. Students who are unvaccinated and have received an exemption from the COVID vaccine should check their Mason e-mail August 5th for information about ordering their VAULT test kit.

3). Upload your picture for your Student ID. If you are a new student or don’t yet have a Mason ID, information about how to upload your picture can be found at

We know that you and your family may have concerns about the 2-hour timeslot allotted to students for move-in. To help our first-year students move in, we are bringing back the MoveCrew! MoveCrew is a team of student volunteers who are allowed to move in early in exchange for helping to move in and welcome our first-year students to campus. We have also hired a professional moving team to assist with moving belongings in student spaces. Green bins will be available for student use this year and can be picked up near your assigned building.

4). On your move-in day, complete the Mason COVID HealthCheck. This will need to be shown when you arrive for check-in.

COVID Safety Plan Training

Students must complete this training for the fall semester. The COVID Safety Plan training module can be found in Blackboard.

If you or a guest member are not vaccinated, please make sure that you/they are wearing a mask/face covering and practice social distancing during move in.

Fall 2021 Residence Hall Safety Procedures

As the George Mason University community continues to monitor and respond to COVID-19, we have updated our policies for the 2021-2022 academic year.

It is the expectation that all residential students will act in the best interests of the community during this time. Please review the Residential Student Handbook for the complete list of policies and procedures.


COVID Safety Plan Training

  • Students must complete this training for the fall semester. The COVID Safety Plan training module can be found in Blackboard.

Mason COVID HealthCheck

  • All residential students are required to complete the Mason COVID HealthCheck daily.

Face Coverings

  • Students who have received an exemption and remain unvaccinated should wear a face covering/mask at all times and observe social distancing measures.


  • If you believe you are ill, you are required to contact Student Health Services by telephone immediately (703-993-2831). If you are experiencing a medical emergency contact 911.After evaluation, Student Health Services will provide you with further instructions. You are required to follow these instructions for your own health and safety as well as that of the larger community.

Isolation or Quarantine

In some cases, Student Health Services or another medical professional may deem it necessary for a student to self-isolate or self-quarantine. During the isolation period, the student(s) self-isolating should avoid all unnecessary contact with others - both direct and indirect.

As a result, Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to move a student from their assigned residence hall space into a space deemed appropriate for isolation.

For the health & safety of all community members, any directive to relocate to a more appropriate residential area for quarantine or isolation must be complied with immediately.

The period of isolation will be determined on a case-by-case basis by medical professionals. Housing & Residence Life Staff and Mason Dining Staff will provide appropriate assistance with meals and essential resources during this time period but will not provide moving assistance.

Failure to comply

  • Residents are expected to immediately comply with directives, written or verbal, provided by a Housing & Residence Life employee (professional or student staff).


  • Students are expected to remove themselves from a violation of policy as well as alert HRL immediately.


  • Depending on circumstances relocation may be necessary to ensure a safe living environment. A student may be requested to relocate within a short amount of time based on the needs of HRL. Furthermore, a student may be removed from Housing due to an incident involving a policy violation as well as circumstance that endangers the wellbeing of the community or hinders normal operations.


  • All formal communication from Housing and Residence Life will be communicated by email to residents’ Mason email accounts and accessible through their housing portal. Residents are expected to check their email regularly and ensure that their settings allow for communication from to go directly to their inbox.


Move-in Assistance

Help in the Residents Hall

Housing and Residence Life staff members will be available within each of the residential areas to assist you on move-in day. Don’t hesitate to come up to a staff member wearing a grey/gold or green polo if you are in need of assistance.

Move Crew

We know that you and your family may have concerns about the 2-hour timeslot allotted to students for move-in. To help our first-year students move in, we are bringing back the MoveCrew! MoveCrew is a team of student volunteers who are allowed to move in early in exchange for helping to move in and welcome our first-year students to campus.

We have also hired a professional moving team to assist with moving belongings in student spaces. Green bins will be available for student use this year and can be picked up near your assigned building.

Use of the moving team is optional and it is recommended that families still bring dollies and hand trucks in the event there is a wait for green bins or the moving team. Students do not need to pay in order to utilize the moving service.

When preparing to move-in, please be sure to label all your belongings with your name and assigned room number. This will help the moving team make sure that your belongings end up in the correct place.


FAQs: Move In

What should I bring?

When packing for move-in, only pack that which you think you will need and be able to comfortably fit in your space. If you haven't done so, reach out to your roommate to discuss who will bring larger items such as mini-fridges, microwaves, etc. to optimize the space in your room

Students should pack a “go bag” in the event of quarantine/isolation. This bag should include clothes for about 2 weeks and any necessary toiletry items. In the event a student is quarantined or isolated there won’t be much time to pack up items before moving to quarantine housing.

A list of suggested packing items can be found here. Also, please consider bringing a supply of hand sanitizer, masks and cleaning supplies. Though our residence halls are cleaned on a regular basis, and cleaning will be heightened at this time, we suggest you keep a supply supply of safety and cleaning materials in your room.

Will the be an early arrival period for students who need to work or be placed in quarantine before the start of class?

Students were able to complete and submit the Early Arrival application between July 1st-August 1st. Students who were approved for early arrival will receive move-in information via their Mason e-mail closer to their move-in date.

Will transportation be available on campus?

Students should check for information regarding transportation to/from Mason as well in and around the Northern Virginia region.

Will meals be available when I check into the residence halls?

Lunch will be served for first-year students and their families from 11am-1pm on August 18th - August 22nd in Southside and Ike’s. Lunch on August 20th will be grab-and-go only from Southside to allow students to participate in Preamble festivities. Meal plans will start the evening of August 18th.

Can I still cancel my housing agreement?

Students are able to submit an agreement appeal request through via your Mason Housing Portal. Students should submit any supporting documentation when submitting their appeals request.


FAQs: Room Setup

How do I log into my email?

You will use your Patriot Pass Password to access your email.  You can access your Office 365 account from  Additionally, you can access your Mason email via one or more of these supported methods:

  • Desktop Clients—Outlook 2016 or Higher (Windows or Mac)
  • Mobile Devices—Outlook Mobile App for Android and Apple iOS

If you are a returning student who had a masonlive account, please visit for more information on the migration of masonlive accounts to Office 365.

How do I use the laundry machines?

All buildings have laundry facilities in their area, most within the building. It's free! Well, it's included in the fees you pay for housing, so you don't have to be constantly on the lookout for quarters to feed the machines.

In the residence halls, use the "Speed Queen" mobile app to activate the wash and dry cycles. Find the Speed Queen app in the Apple Store or Google Play store on your mobile device.  Check out these instructions

If you live in the Townhouses, each townhouse has a washer/dryer in the unit.

How do I watch TV?

Stream2 is a free streaming service for on-campus students.

With Stream2, you can watch your favorite shows and sports on several of your devices, and you can save up to 20 hours of recordings with the included DVR feature.

You can download the Stream2 app from the Apple App or Google Play stores or go directly to

This service also comes with the Campus Life Channel, a collection of student-and faculty-created content and social media to keep you informed about campus happenings.

Download instructions can be found at

Cable TV is available in all locations except Townhouses and SMSC in Front Royal.

How do I connect to the internet?

For wireless access, on mobile download the Apogee app and register. For PC and Mac, connect to “MyResNet Start Here” from your available wireless networks. Open a browser. Check out the poster with QR code (link to the attached PDF). For assistance, contact Apogee Support 24/7 at 844-459-7405 or text “ResNet” to 84700.

In the transition of service, our top priority was getting a high-quality network up and running before move-in. With that, some buildings will still need to undergo a small amount of work at some point in the near future to clear up remaining brackets or wall pieces where older equipment was located.

Are there student desks available in the Residence Halls?

Housing will maintain two 24/7 help desks, one in Piedmont/Tidewater and one in Eisenhower

  • Eisenhower Hall, 703-993-2750
  • Piedmont Hall, 703-993-9880

If you have questions and/or concerns, contact your Resident Assistant (RA) for assistance. Your RA can be found on the Mason 360 App.