Moving Out of the Residence Halls

Moving Out? Here are some things to know.

When moving out of the residence halls it is important to follow all Housing and Residence Life processes to avoid additional charges. Please be sure to take note of the following steps when you are completing a move out. Additional information is provided to students during the main fall and spring move out periods, and it is important for residents to check their e-mail for any deadlines, checklists, and other helpful materials that help them achieve a successful move out. 

Mid-Semester Move Outs

Residents who are approved to move out mid-semester often have a much shorter timeframe than residents who move out at the end of the semester. Residents are only able to move out mid-semester if they have been approved for an agreement release request through the Housing Portal, have taken the necessary steps to withdraw from the university, or has had their agreement canceled by housing due to conduct or other reasons. Should you need be approved to move out mid-semester, please note that you will only have 24 hours to complete your check-out and will need to complete all items noted in the check-out list below. Residents who have a need to move out of mid-semester and have a rational not included in the list above should reach out to for additional guidance. Information about housing cancellations can be found here.

End of Semester Moves

Residents who are moving out at the end of either the fall or spring semesters should check their e-mail continuously for deadlines and other information that is crucial to the check out process.

General check-out timelines are as follows, but may change based on the university calendar. 

  • Graduating residents will need to check out by 6:00pm on the day of their graduation ceremony.
  • For the fall and spring move out periods, all residents need to check out within 24 hours of their last final, or by the date posted in the Important Dates section of the Housing and Residence Life website. Generally speaking, residents need to check-out no later than Noon on the last day of exams. Residents who have makeup exams may be eligible for an extended stay.
  • Extended stay periods are offered when the university calendar allows and are not guaranteed before or after the start of each semester. Should Housing and Residence Life be able to offer extended stay or early arrival for each semester, that information will be included on the Important Dates section of the Housing and Residence Life website.

Check-Out Checklist

When checking out of the residence halls, residents must complete the following. Failure to complete any of the following steps may result in an additional charge. A sample list of charges may be found here. Housing and Residence Life updates the list of damage charges each May and as such, there may be some variation to the amounts listed here dependent upon the severity of damage caused by residents. 

  • Remove all items from their space and any items from community spaces.
  • Return any hard brass keys to either the Eisenhower or Piedmont Desk. 
  • Reset furniture to its original configuration, as found when moving into the space. 
  • Clean any surfaces and remove access debris/trash.
  • Complete the online Check-Out form in the Housing Portal.
    • Please note that completing the check-out form and completing all other items on the check-out checklist without having been released from their Housing Agreement or does not mean a student will be released from their Housing Agreement if moving out mid-semester or mid-year.