First Year Learning Communities

Academic Learning Communities

Academic Learning Communities (LCs) are directly tied to the colleges and schools at Mason. Each Academic LC represents a partnership between Housing & Residence Life and an academic unit to create a collaborative and holistic environment for the students engaging in that community. Students in each Academic LC take a required connected course related to their LC and academic program. 

Identity Based LC

Identity Learning Communities (LCs) are centered around specific identities within our Mason community. Whether students identify with a particular identity, are allies in space, or are simply interested in learning more about identity development, they will find a supportive community in this LC. 

Interest Based LCs

Interest Learning Communities focus on more interdisciplinary areas of interest such as: Well-being, Peace & Conflict, and Creativity, Design & Expression. These communities have a connection to another office, college, or school. While there are no required courses in the Interest LCs, students have the option to sign up for a course that is related to their learning community if available.