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This is the part where we say, "No."

We want you and the rest of the university community to flourish and thrive. That won't happen unless we set up rules and limitations on what can occur on campus. You've accomplished a lot by becoming a student at Mason. We expect you to uphold and maintain the highest of standards; we believe in you.

There are some things that residents on campus are not allowed to do. We don't take these rules lightly; these decisions are made for the benefit of everyone.

When you become a resident, you sign our Housing Agreement (PDF). Take a moment to read it, as it contains the terms and conditions that you're expected to follow while you live here.

We also have a Residential Student Handbook (PDF). Most of the time, you can find what you need by checking the table of contents. If you have a question, talk to your RA.

Some additions to the handbook in 2016 include:

  • Hoverboards are prohibited on campus. You can't have one in a residence hall, and that includes storage, charging, and use. If we find one, it will be confiscated. You'll have up to 120 days to claim and remove it from campus. If you don't, we'll dispose of it. You'll also be referred to Student Conduct for the violation. Don't risk it; leave the hoverboard at home.
  • No smoking, no vaping indoors. Take those cigarettes, electronic or otherwise, outside. As a state agency, Mason follows Virginia policy on smoking, which must be done at least 25 feet away from any building, including parking garages.

If You're Hit with a Violation

Violations of the Student Code of Conduct or Residence Life Standards in the handbook may be referred to the Student Conduct Office for adjudication. Mason has a process in place to resolve cases. Be smart; familiarize yourself with what's going to happen. If you aren't satisfied with the outcome, we also have an appeals process in place.