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Switching Rooms

Need to make a change? We have a process in place for that.


We don't have  many single rooms, and they're always at the top of request lists. Freshmen will only be offered freshman spaces; upper-classmen will only be offered upper-class spaces. Room changes in or out of Living Learning Communities may not be permitted.


The room change process will be suspended during the first fews weeks of the fall semester to allow students to get settled into thier new room. The process will launch during the week of September 10th. The room switch process will close during final exam periods in the fall semester and reopen the second week of the spring academic semester.

Financial Impact

Charges will be prorated if the rates of your former and current space are different.

Types of Room Change Requests

Swapping Rooms Between Friends

It's pretty easy for students to swap roommates when everyone is in agreement.

Once a request has been submitted, allow up to five days for processing. If a switch is approved, the students making the request will be notified by email, and the housing assignments will be formally switched.

When You Need To Change Rooms and No Swap is Available

You can apply for a change starting in the second week of the semester by making an appointment with your Resident Director.

You'll need to discuss why you want to move, and if the reasons involve a conflict, the Resident Director might walk you through finding a resolution. If the Resident Director agrees that a room change is the best action, they'll discuss preferences and room availability.

Process of Moving

When a room change is approved, state your preferences clearly, so the Housing Services Coordinator can try to make the best possible match. You'll get an offer via email, which will include your options and next steps, and you'll have 24 hours to accept or decline. If you accept the offer, you'll have 48 hours to check out at the neighborhood desk of your former assignment and move into your new assignment. If you decline the offer, your application will go back on the move request list, where it will be reviewed weekly until a space is found that meets your preferences.

For more information, call 703-993-2720.