Room Change Process

Interested in a Room Change? 

The room change  process will be available for current on campus Fairfax Mason students from September 12thOctober 31st. On October 31st, the End of Semester Room change process will be available in the Mason Housing Portal. Room changes outside of the room change process will be approved for emergencies only.

A room change is where a resident can switch into an open space on campus. This could be a vacancy in a room or suite with your friends or a random open space on campus. A room swap is where a resident can request to room change with each other, swapping spaces. 

There are very limited spaces for room changes year to year so room changes will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Room changes outside of the room change process will be approved for emergencies only. To submit your room change request please submit through the Mason Housing Portal.  To submit your room change request please submit through the Mason Housing Portal.

End of Semester Room Changes

Room Change requests must be submitted between 10:00am on October 31st through 8am on November 21st. Late room change requests will not be reviewed.

If the Housing team is able to provide a room change offer, the student will be notified by December 9th.

All room changes must be completed upon returning to campus in January. Students will be required to remove all items from their Fall assignment prior to the start of Winter Break (December 14th) and then move into their spring assignment in January.  Failure to remove all items will result in the room change being cancelled. We will resume the regular room change process on January 30, 2023.

Our Process

Room changes can be requested by completing the Room Change request form located in the Mason Housing Portal. There are no moves during the first two weeks of the semester. This allows us confirm occupancy in all of our spaces and identify where vacancies exist for room changes to occur. 

Students must meet with their Community Director (CD) via in person, email or zoom to discuss their room change request. During that time students must clarify why they are seeking a room change. Once the meeting is complete, the Community Director will determine if the change is approved and if so, move the request forward through the Housing Portal. Please note that a mediated conversation may be required in advance of approving a room change request. 

Room change requests will primarily be processed on Wednesdays and approved moves will begin on Fridays. You may not be offered a space if your request was not approved or there are no vacancies that meet your preference. You will only receive communication if you are being offered a new space based on your expressed preferences. Please keep in mind, changing your room may change your housing rate. Please check our 2022-2023 room rates before switching spaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have a vacancy in my room. Will I receive a roommate? Students with a vacancy may receive a roommate at any time. New roommates will have the same gender preference (male, female, and gender inclusive). 

  1. Can my friend move into the open space in my room? Your friend can complete a room change request and inform staff of the desire to move to your specific room. Only spaces that are not under contract with another student (regardless of whether they are here in person or not) are available. Students may move to entirely vacant spaces that are not already reserved by another student. Please be aware that physical presence does not determine space availability. Therefore, a space may be physically empty but unavailable due to another student reservation. 

  1. How do I switch rooms with another student? You and the student you want to switch spaces with should each apply for a room change. Each will need to provide our staff with the name, G number, and current room assignment of the student you want to switch spaces with. 

  1. If I switch to a room with a different cost, how will my billing be affected? Your billing will be adjusted within 3-5 business days to reflect the cost difference for each room and the dates you were in each room. This may cause either an increase or decrease in housing costs. 

  1. Can I request a single room? Yes but singles are limited on campus and do not often become available. If you truly desire to change rooms we recommend you consider spaces beyond a single. 

  1. I’m in an LC can I move? Some LCs have different agreements as well as requirements that may also affect their academic course load. Therefore, for more information regarding your specific LC please contact


For more information and resources regarding roommates please visit our Roommates Page.