Room Change Process

Need to change your room for the Spring 2021 Semester? 


The room change and room swap processes will be available for current on campus Mason students with a 2020-2021 assignment. Room change requests must be submitted by Friday, November 20th at 5PM.  Requests will be reviewed starting Monday, November 30th and moving instructions will be sent to appropriate parties when approved. 


Types of Room Change Processes 

Room Change 

Students can switch into an open space on campus. This could be a vacancy in a room or suite with your friends or a random open space on campus.  

Room Swap 

Students can swap spaces with another students 



  • Students are only allowed to move into a currently vacant space once. No domino moves. 

  • Swapping rooms with a student (not room changes) are only allowed to occur with students living in the same building. 

  • Students are not allowed to make single to single swaps in their current housing unit. (Eg. Suite or Apartment Living) 


  • Students must meet with their Community Director (CD) via email or zoom to request their room swap. Once the meeting is complete, the Community Director will upload the request to the Housing Portal. 

Moves will only occur after in-person classes end (Monday, November 30th) and before the start of  Winter break (Wednesday, December 16th). If a student is staying on campus during Winter Break, they still need to complete the move by Wednesday, December 16th. 

Completing the room change process will change your housing assignment for the spring semester. Please keep in mind, changing your room may change your housing rate. Please check our 2020-2021 room rates before switching spaces.