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Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Move Out 

Students can choose between two options: Self-Service Move Out or Full Service Move Out. Those that choose to return to campus to pick up their items need to select an appointment using the Housing Portal by Monday, June 1st. Students can select appointments starting Friday, May 1st. Students will be able to return to campus starting Wednesday, June 10th. 

If students choose the Full Service Move Out, they will work with a moving company, facility provided by HRL and expenses paid by student, to have their items stored until the start of the Fall 2020 semester.

Please read through the details of our move out options carefully to select the process that is best for you. If you have any questions, please email us at

Housing Refunds

All residential students who were on the Housing roster prior to spring break and not living on campus after March 25 (not inclusive of their assigned move-out date after April 13) will get a refund.

This table lists the amount you can expect to receive based on your living situation (residence hall, type of accommodation, etc.)

Students who were not approved to remain on campus after March 25 and will complete the move-out process after April 13 are still eligible for the refund.

Refund amounts are based on prorated rate for the spring semester, less an accommodation for fixed costs that support Housing operations.

Refunds will be issued through the Student Accounts Office.

Mason is processing a large volume of refunds; we appreciate your patience.

Note: if your program matriculated you into Housing (e.g. Mason Korea, China 1:1, etc.), check with your program director about your refund.

For more detailed information regarding Spring 2020 refunds, please visit the Student Accounts Office Coronavirus/COVID-19 FAQ Page