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Spring 2020 Move Out

Please use this link to select a Move Out Appointment or complete the Express Check-Out Form

Spring 2020 Move Out Process

There are two move out options available. Please read each option carefully and select the process you think would be best for your student.

Self-Service Move-Out Option 1 (Students Pack and Move Their Own Belongings)

  1. Students must select a move out appointment by Monday, June 1st
  2. Students will be able to move out from Wednesday, June 10th until Tuesday, June 30th. Students will select a two-hour timeslot via the Housing Portal, beginning Friday, May 1st
  3. Students are expected to remove all personal items and trash within their rooms. Housekeeping ​will deep clean all spaces after students complete move out.  
  4. Should a student not be able to come and pick up their belongings in person, a proxy may be designated to pick up belongings. The proxy should also be provided with an inventory of the belongings to be packed. Students utilizing the proxy option will need to select a move-out time that falls between Monday-Friday.

Key Information

  1. Only one student in a room/suite/apartment will be allowed to move-out at a time. 
  2. Housing and Residence Life will not issue green bins for the move-out process. Students are encouraged to bring their own hand trucks and dollies to assist with the move-out process.
  3. Students are allowed to bring one guest to assist with the move-out process and are required to wear face coverings during the move out process. Face coverings will not be provided by HRL.

Selecting a Move Out Appointment

Students can access the Housing Portal to select a move out appointment starting Friday, May 1st. Students will be able to access the portal based on the following schedule. 

Group 1 9:00am = Adams, Amherst, Blue Ridge, Brunswick, Carroll, Commonwealth

Group 2 9:30am= Dickenson, Dominion, Eastern Shore, Essex, Franklin, Grayson

Group 3 10:00am= Hampton Roads, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson

Group 4 10:30am= Kennedy, Liberty Square, Lincoln

Group 5 11:00am= Madison, ACGC, Monroe, Northern Neck

Group 6 11:30am= Potomac Heights

Group 7 12:00pm= Piedmont, Rogers, Roosevelt

Group 8 12:30pm= Sandbridge,Taylor, Tidewater

Group 9 1:00pm= Townhouses, Truman, Washington, Whitetop, Wilson


Can I sign up for more than one timeslot?

No. Each student has been allotted one 2-hour timeslot during which they will need to remove their belongings and complete the move-out process?

Do I need to go to the Piedmont Desk to have my card programmed for move out?

No. Your card will be pre-programmed to grant access at the start of your move out appointment time.

Please note that students who miss their appointment should contact for assistance. It is not guaranteed that students will receive a new appointment time and may be required to participate in the full-service move out option.

Full-Serviced Move-Out Option 2

  1. Housing will identify an approved moving company to pack up and store the belongings of students that are not able to or are not comfortable with returning to campus to finish the move out process.
  2. Students who select this option will have their belongings packed up and stored in a facility located in Springfield, VA.
  3. Students will need to complete an online inventory of their belongings, both in their room and any common areas of the assigned space. 
  4. Students will be responsible for covering the cost of this move.  Estimates for moving expenses will be approximately $700 which includes packing, moving, and storage. Students are responsible for any fees associated with shipping or retrieving their items directly from the facility. 

Key Information

  1. Students will be responsible for contracting directly with the selected company by June 10th in order to have their belongings packed after all other students have moved out. If the student does not complete the contract with the moving company then the students’ belongings will be packed and moved for them by the selected moving company. Housing is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur with the move.
  2. Should a student have their belongings returned to campus for move-in and not pick up their belongings, Housing and Residence Life will retain the student’s belongings at an additional storage cost of $300 for 120 days. If the belongings are not claimed within 120 days, then the items will be disposed of for the student.


Can I have someone pick up some of my belongings and have the moving company move and store everything else?

No. Students need to either plan to pick up all of their belongings, assign someone to pick up their belongings, or select the full-service move out option.

If I select the full-service option will all my belongings be stored?

All of your belongings except for those that the moving/storage company forbids in their warehouses will be packed and stored until you pick it up from the warehouse or pick it up when your belongings are returned to campus for move-in.


If you do not pick an option

  1. Students who do not select an option by 5:00pm on June 1st will have their belongings packed and stored at their expense.
  2. The anticipated expense per student is $700 for packing and storing student’s belongings, but could be higher dependent upon how many students select the full-service move option.
  3. Housing and Residence Life is not responsible if any items are damaged or go missing during this process and as such, students who do not select an option are encouraged to work with their own insurance agency to obtain full value coverage for their belongings.
  4. Should a student not pick up their belongings when they have been returned to campus, Housing and Residence Life will retain the student’s belongings at an additional storage cost of $300 for 120 days.

What do I do if I already moved out and took all of my personal items?

If you have already removed all of your personal belongings and do not need to utilize any of the options outlined above, please be sure to complete the Express Check-Out Form in the Housing Portal by June 1st.

If you have already completed this form, no additional actions are needed.

Students who may have moved out, but have not filled out the Express Check-Out form may be charged for belonging removal if items are not claimed prior to the moving company process.

If a student has completely moved out but has not returned their hard keys to HRL, they should be mailed to the following address and include the student’s name and G# (Mason ID or copy of ID not necessary. Students will have until June 30th to return these keys before a charge will be issued to their student account.

Housing and Residence Life
4400 Univeristy Drive MSN 5C7
Fairfac, VA 22030
How do I complete the move out process if I currently live on campus?

Students who have been currently approved to live on campus are not eligible to sign up for a move-out time that falls past Wednesday, June 10th.  

Students who have been approved to live on campus will need to plan to move out as soon as their classes end or no later than Noon(12PM) on Wednesday, June 10th. No appointment is needed to complete your move-out process. Students just need to fill out the Express Check-Out form and return any hard keys (if you have any issued from a previously assigned space) to the Piedmont desk.

What if I need housing for the summer?

Summer Housing is only available to students previously approved to stay with us during the Spring 2020 semester that meet the outlined criteria below.

  • International students who are unable to travel home before June 10, 2020. 
  • Health, safety, or access to food and shelter would be at risk if student is not on campus.  
  • Student is registered for summer classes and can only access online learning through university infrastructure on campus

Fairfax Summer Housing Rates

Rate: $45/night ($3,204 for summer)*

*Beacon and Rixey residents approved to stay are under a separate contract, and have different dates and pricing. Please email for more information. 

Move Out Tips

  • Safety first. Please bring safety materials (eg. hand sanitizer) and wash your hands after touching areas/surfaces that receive a lot of foot traffic (door handles, elevator buttons etc.)
  • Keep your distance. Please stay 6 feet away from other students/friends/families/guardians during the move out process. Avoid greeting others in ways that would require entering personal space (eg. shakin hands and hugging)
  • Avoid crowds. Please do not share elevators with other groups. 
  • Keep it moving. Please do not gather in the hallways for extended periods of time.
  • No sharing. Carts will not be available to assist with move-out, if possible, bring your own hand trucks/dollies.
  • Remain calm. This is highly stressful and uncertain time for everyone. Please extend understanding, grace and patience to others during the process. 

If you have any questions about the above options, please reach out to us at