Spring 2021

Changes have been made to the move-in process and new safey policies, and procedures, have been created to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 in the residence halls. We must all work together to ensure the safety and well-being of the students and staff that live in the residence halls. 

Important Spring 2021 Move-In Information

Move-In/Spring Arrival Dates: January 20th-24th

Check-In Location: The MIX

As noted in a message all students received on January 15, all residential students will be required to participate in COVID testing at the MIX upon their arrival to campus. Students will not be able to access their residential space until they have completed their COVID test sample. Students will be arriving after 6:00pm due to flights should contact us with a copy of their itinerary to receive arrival information that is specific to their situation. All students will still need to complete their pre-arrival COVID test and have their flu vaccination submitted in order to proceed through the move-in process. 

All students who were approved for winter break housing and/or early arrival should still make a move-in appointment in order to complete their move-in. COVID test.

Please note that this is a shift from previous communications. All students, including those who have previously submitted the required documentation will need to do the following before arriving to campus:

1). Sign up for a move-in time in the Housing Portal by January 17.

2). Submit their flu vaccination information to Student Health Services' Patient Portal. Be sure to bring a hard copy with you.

3). Upload their negative COVID results. Although results are received from VAULT, students will have needed to have consented to the university receiving those results.

Upon their arrival to campus, residential students should then proceed to the MIX, located next to Fenwick Library to complete the check-in process. 

FAQs for Spring 2021 Move-In

1). If I have already submitted my flu vaccination and my COVID test results, do I still need to check in at the MIX? 

     Yes. All students will need to check-in at the MIX. 

2). What if I had a winter break housing assignment or was granted early arrival? 

     You will need to still sign up for a move-in appointment in the Housing Portal since you will be required to participate in the move-in COVID testing process.

3). Am I still allowed guests at move-in? 

     Yes. Residential students are allowed up to two guests to help them move back into the residence halls. All guests should have completed the Mason Covid HealthCheckTM  and will need to wear a mask/face covering while on campus. 

4). I lived on campus for the fall semester. Do I still need to make a move-in appointment?

    Yes. All students living on campus for the spring will need to make a move-in appointment. 

5). I'm a new student and need to obtain an ID. Do I need that for move-in?

    Obtaining a Mason ID prior to move-in is recommended. Please visit https://masonid.gmu.edu for more information about how to obtain your ID. 

6). What happens if I do not have a negative COVID test prior to move-in?

    Students who are not able to produce a negative COVID test will not be able to complete the move-in process. International students and other individuals who have reason to be exempt from the pre-move in test and need to take one on site should fill out an exemption form.

Your safety is our priority 

Almost 4,500 students will be returning to campus in the fall. We all need to work together to ensure the saftey and well-being of our students in staff within the residence halls and the Mason community. Please review the safety policies and procedures. We expect all students to follow the procedures to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 on campus and within our halls.  

Changes in the Residence Halls 

Housing will maintain two 24/7 help desks, one in Piedmont/Tidewater and one in Eisenhower. Moveable stanchions or plexiglass barriers will provide a six-foot distance between visitors and staff. 

To promote health and safety, we’re setting up rules and guidelines: 

  • Wear a face covering when outside rooms. 

  • Submit the SHS COVID-19 health questionnaire and complete the health and exposure screening daily. 

  • No non-residents allowed, with the exception of aides approved by the Office of Disability Services. 

  • Don’t use cell phones in hallways and common bathroom areas. 

  • Maintain physical distancing in common spaces. Doors will be one-way, designated entry or exit. 

  • If you must use an elevator, only two people per car allowed. 

  • Areas such as kitchens and lounges may be inaccessible until the university OK’s their use. Coffee and ice machines will be removed. 

  • The Ridge study and resource area will be closed. 

  •  Housing will not rent board games, athletic equipment, HDMI cords, and other items this semester.