Spring 2021

Changes have been made to the move-in process and new safey policies, and procedures, have been created to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 in the residence halls. We must all work together to ensure the safety and well-being of the students and staff that live in the residence halls. 

Your safety is our priority 

Almost 4,500 students will be returning to campus in the fall. We all need to work together to ensure the saftey and well-being of our students in staff within the residence halls and the Mason community. Please review the safety policies and procedures. We expect all students to follow the procedures to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 on campus and within our halls.  

Changes in the Residence Halls 

Housing will maintain two 24/7 help desks, one in Piedmont/Tidewater and one in Eisenhower. Moveable stanchions or plexiglass barriers will provide a six-foot distance between visitors and staff. 

To promote health and safety, we’re setting up rules and guidelines: 

  • Wear a face covering when outside rooms. 

  • Submit the SHS COVID-19 health questionnaire and complete the health and exposure screening daily. 

  • No non-residents allowed, with the exception of aides approved by the Office of Disability Services. 

  • Don’t use cell phones in hallways and common bathroom areas. 

  • Maintain physical distancing in common spaces. Doors will be one-way, designated entry or exit. 

  • If you must use an elevator, only two people per car allowed. 

  • Areas such as kitchens and lounges may be inaccessible until the university OK’s their use. Coffee and ice machines will be removed. 

  • The Ridge study and resource area will be closed. 

  •  Housing will not rent board games, athletic equipment, HDMI cords, and other items this semester.