Hall Closings & Move-Out

Hall Closings


Students should complete their move out within 24 hours of their last exam or no later than 5:00pm on Saturday, May 8th, 2021. Students who have an exam rescheduled for May 10th, 2021, which is the exam make up day, will receive information about requesting an extended stay. Information regarding summer housing is forthcoming and students should check Summer At Mason for more updates throughout the spring semester.

Spring 2021 Move out Timeline

Move Out Process

All students who have not been approved for an extended stay will need to complete the move out process within 24 hours of their last final or by May 8th at 5:00pm. Students who are approved for an extended stay will be assigned a move out deadline based on their circumstances.  

1) Students who have makeup exams on May 10th will need to move out by Noon on May 11th.  

2) Those who are approved to stay due to a Mason affiliated event will be allowed to stay up until 6:00pm on May 14th.  

3) Summer housing students will be given a date on which they need to move to their assigned summer space. 


To complete the move out process, please perform the following tasks:

1) Remove all of your belongings from your room. If you plan to use a green bin, fill out the reservation form to pick one up from Eisenhower or Piedmont at least 24 hours in advance of your planned move out day/time.  

2) Take out all trash, wipe down all surfaces and clean the room as much as possible. Dumpsters will be in place mid-April in the event you have any large items that you need to throw away. If you live in a suite or apartment, you should work with your apartment mates to divide up the cleaning of common areas. 

3) Return furniture to its original configuration/how you found it at move in. 

4) If you have a brass key, return your key to the Eisenhower or Piedmont desks. If you do not have a brass key, you can ignore this step.  

5) Fill out the Express Check-Out form after you have completed the above steps. This is important so we can make sure to remove you from the surveillance testing roster after you have left campus for the semester. Access to your residence hall will be removed after this step – so please be sure you have completed all necessary steps before submitting the form.


Move-out FAQs

Who is eligible for an extended stay?

Students who have makeup exams on May 10th, have a summer assignment, or have a Mason affiliated reason for needing to remain in their space past May 8th may be eligible for an extended stay. The application will be made available in the Housing Portal April 14th-May 1st.  

Can I have anyone help me move my belongings?

Beginning on April 30th Housing and Residence Life will adjust the guest policy to allow students to have family members enter the residence halls and help move out their items. All guests need to be escorted, should wear a face covering at all times, and complete the Mason COVID HealthCheck prior to their arrival on campus. Students should be sure their guests have the provided parking pass displayed on their vehicle if they do not have a 2020-2021 parking pass.  

Will the green bins be available?

Yes. Students can reserve a green moving bin for up to two hours using the links below. Please note that reservations are first come, first serve and students who do not make a reservation may not be able to have access to one when moving out. Green bins can be picked up from Piedmont Hall or Eisenhower and should be returned to the same location.  

To reserve a bin from Eisenhower Hall, click here

To reserve a bin from Piedmont Hall, click here

Can I have someone move out my belongings without me being present?

Students must be present at all times if guests are assisting with the moving process. Housing and Residence Life will not grant access to a student’s space in order for belongings to be picked up and/or moved. 

What happens if I’m in quarantine or isolation that will require me to stay past my move out date?

Housing and Residence Life will work with students on a case-by-case basis should they need other accommodations due to quarantine or isolation directives from Student Health Services

Can I check out before April 30th?

Residents are welcome to check out at anytime before the end of the semester. However, moving bins will not be available until April 30th. 

Do I need to sign up for a move-out day?

Residents don’t need to sign up for a move out day. The only sign up for move out is if you would like to use a green bin. However, when you are packing and moving, you should keep in mind that during finals  24-hour quiet hours are in effect and you should avoid moving large/heavy objects when students may be studying or sleeping.