You'll Be Involved

You're a Patriot now, a part of Mason Nation. Take advantage of one of the many chances you'll have to show that Patriot Pride.

Living on campus means you'll have a front row seat of everything Mason

Get Connected

If you're looking for like-minded friends, want to go out and have some fun, or just want to know what's going on, check out Mason360. You can explore student organizations, see upcoming programming events, vote in campus elections, and check in on your level of involvement.

Patriot Experience

Become a bigger part of the campus community through the Patriot Experience, in which you can

  • Develop new ways to stay healthy and build resiliency.

  • Discover your strengths and talents.
  • Make a positive change in your community.
  • Explore the diversity that is at the heart of Mason and the world.
Living Learning Communities

Explore the communities designed for students of all majors to further their understanding of a specific subject. You'll attend at least one activity a month, enroll in and contribute to an Living Learning Community (LLC)-related course or curriculum, and help create an inclusive community. You'll gain strength, skills and knowledge to spark positive change.

Residential Adjudication Board

The Residential Adjudication Board (ResBoard) is a unique leadership opportunity for students to serve the community by promoting safety, trust, accountability, and respect within our residence halls. Board members resolve allegations of misconduct within the residence halls through determining whether a student is responsible for a violation of residential policies, and recommending educational sanctions.

Additionally, members facilitate community outreach and educational presentations on courteous and responsible living. Through these initiatives, the ResBoard positively influences community behavior, and upholds a climate of integrity in George Mason University’s residential communities.

Resident Student Association & Neighborhood Councils

Be an advocate for your fellow students or help plan awesome events by joining the Resident Student Association or your local neighborhood council — or both. Go to a meeting to discuss any concerns you might have or suggest changes you think are needed. Meetings and elections begin in the fall.