You'll Have a Community

You don't just live here, you belong here

When you live on campus, you become an integral part of a unique community 

Student in Taylor Hall room

Your room might be a blank slate when you move in, but you can quickly put your own stamp on it and make it yours.

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Whether you decide to join a Living Learning Community (LLC) or reside in a traditional residence hall, there are positive advantages of the communal lifestyle of on-campus living. 

  • As a freshman, fulfilling your general education requirements gets a lot easier when you can count on a study buddy in the same class living just a few doors down. 
  • You will definitely feel more confident navigating Mason because the first socials and activities of Welcome Week are designed to get you out of your room and comfortable with the layout of campus. Check out the campus map!
  • You'll have companionship for the mundane and the exciting activities of daily living. Need someone to go over Spanish vocab with you while you fold laundry? You'll probably find help. Will having a friend-date for breakfast help you wake up on time for Biology? There's probably someone on your hall with the same concerns. 

Making friends and connections is easier when you don't have to fight traffic. It's true that you may not be best buds with your roommate, but chances are you will make some great friendships in your hall and your building. These tend to be long-lasting connections because these are the people you come home to on your best and worst days at Mason.  You'll also have a pretty good idea of which of your friends have lifestyles that are a good fit for sharing that first apartment when it's time to move off campus in a year or two. 

"Unlike living at home or sharing an apartment elsewhere, your roommates and neighbors are all focused on the same goal: getting a great education."

André A., Class of 2018

Variations on a Theme: Mason's Living Learning Communities

Being part of a community is about making connections with others who have common interests. Community is about getting involved and contributing to something larger than yourself. 

Mason’s Living Learning Communities (LLCs) bridge your academic interests with their residence hall living experience. Students with common interests live together in the same residence hall and develop personal and academic relationships with other students and faculty from their chosen LLCs focus. 

You'll have the opportunity to participate in out-of-classroom enrichment activities that support your academic or personal goals.