Housing Staff

Chief Housing Officer

The Chief Housing Officer is responsible for oversight of Housing and Residence Life, providing direction and leadership to Housing and Residence Life units.  Every staff member at Housing and Residence Life is committed to ensuring that students living on campus have a living and learning environment that is safe, inclusive, and developmental. Our experienced Mason Housing team caters to our residential students, by offering them opportunities to explore new experiences, enhance personal growth, build new and meaningful relationships, and play an active role in connecting our residential students to being part of #MasonNation!



Residence Life

The Residence Life team is responsible for oversight of student staff in the residence halls, meeting with students to address concerns and assists students with adjusting to life on campus by providing programming and support.
  • Portrait of Michael Cherry

    Associate Director of Residence Life

  • Colton Goodman in a blue button-up smiling

    Assistant Director of Residence Life for Residential Academic Engagement

  • Portrait of Jeff Massetti

    Assistant Director, Residential Student Engagement, Student Involvement

  • Derrick McReynolds in a green mason polo smiling

    Director of Residence Life

  • Jermaine Taylor in a yellow polo smiling

    Assistant Director of Residence Life

  • Portrait of Leotie Yard

    Assistant Director of Residence Life.




Community Directors

Our Community Directors at Housing and Residence Life play a vital role in supporting our residential students during their stay at Mason Housing, and serve as positive ambassadors of the University and Residential Life mission, vision and values within their respective residential communities, as well as across the Mason campus. 


  • Alexis Ash in green GMU polo.

    Community Director for Commonwealth and Dominion Hall

  • Etlin Flores in a grey cardigan and black shirt.

    Community Director for Northern Neck Hall

  • Remi Greene in a green GMU polo and black cardigan.

    Community Director for Blueridge and Sandbridge Hall

  • Paula Harris in a light pink sweater.

    Community Director for Piedmont and Tidewater Halls

  • Mike Hudson in a grey long sleeve.

    Community Director for Potomac Heights

  • Manuel Llano-Martinez in a black jacket.

    Community Director for Rogers, Whitetop, & Angel Cabrerra Global Center

  • Kaya Mitchell smiling into camera

    Community Director for President's Park 2 Halls

  • Community Director for the Commons Halls

  • Jackson Pickard in a blue and pink collared shirt smiling with arms crossed

    Community Director for Liberty Square Hall

  • Jessikah Pyett in green polo and black cardigan.

    Community Director for President's Park 1 Halls




Housing Desk Staff

Our full time, dedicated housing desk staff are always a phone call away.

If you have any questions about the building or campus, or need assistance with anything at Mason Housing, we are available 24/7.

We have two resource desks on campus to assist students with any questions or concerns. 

1. Shenandoah, Eisenhower Hall


2. Rappahannock, Piedmont





Residential Services

The Residential Services team is responsible for housing contracts, assignments, and selection.  The Residential Services team also closely works with marketing, technology, and admissions in order to deliver a streamlined housing experience for our students. Additionally, they oversee our 24/7 desks and Summer Camps and Conferences program.




Our Facilities team is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of our residence halls.  Additionally, our facilities team is responsible for major maintenance projects and capital planning to keep our residence halls in excellent condition. Should our residential students require any repairs, they can submit a work order for repairs, or services needed.



Housekeeping and Special Projects

The Housekeeping and Special Projects team is committed to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for our students and guests.  Additionally, this team manages our hall furnishings and other necessary projects that keep our halls operating efficiently. Should our residential students require any repairs, they can submit a work order for repairs, or services needed.



Business, Finance, and IT

The Business and Finance team tracks all HRL expenditures and manages all financial planning.


The ITS department oversees the technical needs of the residential community. We understand that technology is critical to the success of students and staff, and we strive to anticipate and implement innovative technology on campus to enhance and facilitate the learning experience.



Graduate Assistants

At Mason Housing and Residence Life, we work closely with students by offering them supervised assistantship experience to maximize graduate student success. Our professional staff help our graduate assistants by creating and carefully designing effective supervised experiences, to best prepare graduate students to transition from graduate school to work in their field after graduation.
  • Natalia Arcos in a black t-shirt

    Graduate Assistant for Residential Student Engagement

  • Coleman Meadows with a GMU sweater.

    Graduate Assistant for Community Standards

  • Veronica Visser in a dark shirt and black cardigan.

    Graduate Assistant for Residential Academic Engagement