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Mason provides an inclusive environment in which everyone is welcome. If you're a person with a disability, we can provide a home on campus that will accommodate your needs.

George Mason University has created the Housing Request Committee where staff from Disability Services consult with Student Health Services, Housing and Residence Life, and Counseling and Psychological Services. The Committee will discuss reasonable modifications or accommodations based on student self-report, observations and interactions during your initial Disability Services meeting, and documentation from a healthcare provider/professional. Disability Services will make a determination following the housing committee review of student requests and notify the student in writing. Disability Services will inform housing of the determination and collaborate on next steps based on the decision made. 

For more information contact Disability Services at or visit Disability Services. To request an accommodation you must submit a Housing Request Form to Disability Services. 

Housing will make every effort to provide approved accommodations as quickly and efficiently as possible; however, requests may take several weeks to implement. It is recommended that Housing Accommodations Request forms be submitted a minimum of two months prior to a student's arrival or move into our spaces. This is to ensure there is sufficient time for the request to be reviewed and if approved, for Housing to implement any changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to apply for both Housing and the Housing Accommodations Request Form? Yes, students must submit their housing application via the Mason Housing Portal during their individual application period in order to receive housing. Additionally, we encourage you to submit your accommodations request 3 months prior to move-in to allow for your request to be processed. Both forms are needed. 

  1. How long does it take to receive my accommodation once approved? Each accommodation is different and therefore, there is no set date. Space permitting, we are able to readily provide some accommodations within that same week while others may take several weeks before we are able to actualize it.  We actively work to support the needs of our students but some accommodations may require physical changes to room/building/technology.  More than often it may be a collaborative effort of several campus partners to ensure needs are met. 

  1. Is housing able to provide space to all approved accommodations? Housing provides spaces based on first come first served through our application process. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee housing due to timing of the application and request. 

  1. Will I have to move? In order to accommodate a request, a student may need to move if they are already in housing. Additionally, if a student elects to stay over the winter break or summer it is likely they will need to move into a new space that is a different building than their academic year space. 

  1. Does housing provide assistance with moving? Housing does not provide individual move services. Students are asked to proactively coordinate movers/aids should additional support be needed. Students may consult the housing website for move dates or contact for additional information.