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Mason provides an inclusive environment in which everyone is welcome. If you're a person with a disability, we can provide a home on campus that will accommodate your needs.

George Mason University has created the Special Housing Request Committee where staff from Disability Services consult with Student Health Services, Housing and Residence Life, and Counseling and Psychological Services. The Committee will discuss reasonable modifications or accommodations based on student self-report, observations and interactions during your initial Disability Services meeting, and documentation from a healthcare provider/professional. Disability Services will make a determination following the special housing committee review of student requests.

Students with specific housing accommodation requests due to a documented disability should submit their Housing Application and register with Disability Services. In order to assist students with special housing accommodations, a housing application must be completed and contracts must be accepted with Housing and Residence Life.

You will need to provide certain information by deadlines determined by your status. Requests received after these deadlines will be considered on an as-available basis.

  • Current upper-class Mason student requests are due February 1.
  • New incoming student requests are due May 1.

To request accommodation, submit a Special Housing Request Form (PDF)  to the Housing Request Committee. We provide a selection of rooms (PDF) available for students for almost any disability. For additional information regarding the Special Housing process visit Housing Accommodations through Disability Services.

Required Documentation

Documentation should be current, comprehensive and consist of an evaluation by a health professional that describes the current functional impact of the condition or disability as it relates to the requested housing modification or accommodation. The health professional should not be an immediate family member.

The Special Housing Request Committee will generate a list of modifications or accommodations based on: 

  • Preferences of the diagnosing professional.
  • Potential effectiveness.
  • Maximum level of integration.
  • Potential for an undue financial or administrative burden.

Mason reserves the right to request additional documentation if information appears outdated, inadequate in scope or content, or does not address the student’s current level of functioning or substantiate a need for modifications or accommodations.


Students will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision. If students receive a permanent accommodation, they will not need to resubmit paperwork for the next academic year unless an accommodation change is needed.

For more information, contact Disability Services by email at or by phone (703) 993-2474.