Returning Students

Returning Students Housing Application, Welcome Back!

The 2023-2024 Academic Year Housing Application goes live to all current residential students on December 12, 2022. You can apply for housing through the Housing Portal .

All current residential students are welcome to apply!  We encourage you to apply as soon as applications are open through the housing application portal (StarRez). 


In order to live on campus students must meet the following requirements: 

  • Full time degree seeking student or full time making continual progress towards a degree.

First Steps

Students were required to submit their housing application by February 1

If you completed the housing application by February 1, please read the following: 

Once a housing agreement is signed and the housing deposit is paid, you are locked into the agreement. We advise you not to sign unless you are serious about living on campus.

Make a Plan. After all housing applications are submitted and approved, you'll have the opportunity to identify your group size and members starting later in February.

  • Mason encourages students to go into the selection process with one or more roommates as this improves the likelihood of living with friends/compatible suite mates.
  • Groups can be composed of up to six people. You can also go through this process as an individual. Students are encouraged to participate in the Housing Selection process in a group to increase chances of selecting their desired space. 
  • Certain types of spaces, such as large apartments and single rooms, are not widely available. Keep your budget in mind, and remember to factor in pricing, location, meal plan requirements, and access to halls over winter break.

Learning Communities. Those who apply to Learning Communities will be contacted via their Mason email with next steps.

Select Your Living Space. Group Leaders will select housing for the whole group through selection in March


2023-2024 Housing Selection Timeline

When will I be able to group with my roommates?

The grouping process will begin on February 25, 2023. Upper level LC students will have until March 8, 2023 to group together. Students should check their Mason e-mail closer to that date for information on how to search for roommates and group together.

When will I be able to select my space?

Returning students will be able to select their space March 21st-25th, 2023. Students living in upper level Learning Communities should check their e-mail closer to the selection timeline to see if they will need to self-select their housing space.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Students need to cancel their housing agreement must submit an Release Request through the Mason Housing Portal.