Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender-Inclusive housing assignments refer to a housing option in which two or more students mutually agree to share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, suite, or apartment without regard to the gender of the occupants. 

This program is intended for students who wish to share a room or apartment with students of a different gender or biological sex. It is open to students of all class years. As with any on-campus housing option, it is not intended for romantic couples. GMU hopes that this housing option will provide a safe and inclusive housing opportunity for students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming as well as for any student who prefers to live with students of a different gender or biological sex than their own. 


We discourage students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in campus housing. However, out of respect for student privacy, we will not question the student's motives for requesting gender-neutral housing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible? 

All students are eligible to participate in gender-neutral housing through room selection, room changes, and direct swap processes. Only students who choose to live in gender-inclusive assignments will be assigned to/select into these spaces. 

Which Building/Assignments are designated as Gender Inclusive Housing?

There are no designated buildings. The Gender Inclusive Housing option will be available across campus

All upper-class suites and apartments that are open to gender-inclusive housing have single-use bathrooms (one toilet and one shower).

What if a vacancy occurs in a gender-inclusive room?

If the students in the group do not select another roommate or have an approved applicant placed to fill the vacancy, the housing office may place another Gender Inclusive Student into the space. The Assignments Coordinator will work with students to facilitate any necessary moves.

Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate students in gender inclusive housing if necessary.

How will gender-Inclusive housing be managed during room selection? 

The gender inclusive housing option is not limited to a particular residence hall and will be available in a variety of room types and buildings across campus. 

Students will simply answer affirmatively to the gender inclusive question on their housing application and participate in the grouping process to choose preferred roommates.  As with any roommate match, all matches must be mutual. 

What if parents/legal guardians do not want their student to live in a gender-inclusive housing room/suite/apartment? 

We encourage all students to maintain an open dialogue with their families regarding housing decisions. Students over the age of 18 are legally able to make decisions about their housing agreements without parental consent. Students under 18 should discuss housing plans with their families, as they will be required to have parental consent.