Apply for an Exemption

We want everyone to enjoy the full spectrum of the college experience, including living on campus. However, we understand that life happens, and that scenario doesn't work for all of our students.

Young Family in First Day of School

Students who have dependent children can be granted an exemption from the rule requiring incoming freshmen to live on campus

All First-Year students are required to live on campus unless they have approval from Housing & Residence Life to be exempt from this requirement. 

Students who plan to submit an exemption request should complete their request by May 1st (the priority deadline) as exemption requests are not guaranteed.  

Exemption Request Process

New, incoming Fall Semester Freshmen students who believe they qualify for a waiver and want/need to live off campus can submit an exemption request online via the housing portal. Log in with your Mason NetID and password. 

Exemptions will be accepted for students who will be above the age of 20 by the start of fall or who have close residency to campus with a parent or legal guardian. The residence must be within 45 miles of Fairfax. 

If your exemption is for one of the following reasons, you will need to upload the appropriate documentation when you are completing the exemption request form:

Marriage: Copy of marriage certificate

Dependent family: Copy of child's birth certificate or page one of your most recent tax return (Federal or State), showing the child or parents as a dependent. Financial information and the first 5 digits of Social Security numbers can be redacted

Veteran Status: Copy of DD Form 214, or its equivalent

Exemption Request for Special Circumstances

If you would like to request an exemption from the freshmen live-on requirement for reasons outside the approved reasons listed above, you may do so by selecting “other” on the online exemption request form and submitting compelling accompanying documentation. Some reasons include financial or health/medical. 

The priority deadline is May 1st; however, we will accept exemption requests through the start of the academic year.