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Roommate Living Agreement

Your Roommates and Suite Mates

During your first weeks of school, you will be asked to complete a Roommate Living Agreement, which assists you and your roommate(s) communicate needs and expectations related to study time, sleep time, cleanliness, guests, shared use of personal belongings, shared expenses, etc. For example, some triple rooms have two closets — this means that all three residents have to agree on how they share the closet space.

As you and your roommate(s) prepare to review and formalize your agreement, we encourage you to review our tips on effective communication and on conflict resolution. Reviewing these resources will ensure that everyone communicates effectively and will reduce the likelihood of conflict to arise.

In the event conflict among roommates arises, Housing and Residence Life offers a number of resources to students facing roommate conflicts.

  1. We encourage you to address issues or concerns as they arise.
  2. When addressing issues or concerns, rely on the tips on effective communication and on the conflict resolution resources available to you below.
  3. Our Student Staff Members are trained as mediators, with experience helping roommates find solutions to conflicts. If you and your roommate(s) can't resolve your issues, go to your Resident Assistant or Community Assistant for mediation and revisit your Roommate Living Agreement.

Roommate Living Agreements

Conflict Resoultion Strategies 


Effective Communication Between Roommates