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Summer Sessions

Summer 2019 dates, rates, and application process will be posted by January 30th. Feel free to browse our 2018 information below or email with any general questions.

If you need to catch up on a needed course, spread classes out for an easier load in the fall, or want get a jump on your first semester as a freshman, we've got a place for you.

Mason students studying together in a residence hall lounge.

Mason students studying together in a residence hall lounge.


Living Accommodations

Summer school students will stay in the apartment-style residence hall, Potomac Heights. Students have the option of staying in a single bedroom or double bedroom, while sharing the bathroom, kitchen, and living room with suitemates. Single bedrooms are limited, so apply early to have the best options.

Dates & Rates

Session Move-In Move-Out Single Rate Double Rate Nights
Session A 5/20/2018 6/24/2018 $1,470.00 $1,155.00 35
Session B 6/3/2018 7/29/2018 $2,352.00 $1,848.00 56
Session C 6/24/2018 7/29/2018 $1,470.00 $1,155.00 35
Session D 5/20/2018 7/29/2018 $2,940.00 $2,310.00 70
Session 1 5/20/2018 8/11/2018 $3,486.00 $2,739.00 83
Session A+B 5/20/2018 7/29/2018 $2,940.00 $2,310.00 70
Session A+C 5/20/2018 7/29/2018 $2,940.00 $2,310.00 70










Single bedroom in a shared apartment = $42 per night                                                                           Double bedroom in a shared apartment = $33 per night

Application Process

  • More information coming soon!