Upper Level Residential Learning Communities: College of Engineering and Computing


Receive academic, professional and personal support from faculty, student leaders, and peers through the development of a close-knit community. Students in the RLC gain a network to manage the academic demands of the College of Engineering and Computing. Explore technology and engineering on and off campus through field trips and excursions while connecting with faculty and staff. This RLC is for students in engineering and computing majors that are currently part of the College of Engineering and Computing.


  • Eastern Shore Hall

Campus Partner

Application Questions

  • What is your major and what about it excites and motivates you to continue and why? Be as detailed as possible.

  • Explain how living in the College of Engineering and Computing Residential Learning Community (RLC) will help you achieve your goals.                       

  • Describe ways you have been involved, either off-campus or on-campus (including previous RLC membership, if applicable), as related to your major.

  • At the end of the academic year, what would a successful RLC experience look like for you?