Why Live on Campus?

Are you thinking about where you’ll live next academic year?  With the deadlines for 2023-2024 on-campus housing approaching, Mason Housing and Residence Life has put together a list of six benefits to help you understand why you should live on campus next year.  

  1. You’ll Improve Your Student Life Balance  

Being a student is a hard and amazing experience.  The convenience of living in Mason on-campus housing helps you balance your classes with your lifestyle – letting you be a student first.  As an on-campus resident, you can roll out of bed and still make it to class on time.  It’s also easy to stay on campus late to go out with friends, or to go to a club meeting or a basketball game.    

  1. You’ll Improve Your Academic Outcomes 

Research shows that students who live on campus have a higher GPA.  You’re also two-thirds more likely to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree than students who live off campus.  Plus, you have more time to engage with your amazing Mason faculty members. 

  1. You’ll Make New Friends  

In Mason on-campus housing, you’ll have a roommate and/or hallmates in your residence hall. You’ll have people with whom to share experiences and build meaningful connections. You may also choose a shared learning community and engage with students based on academic, identity, or interest.   

“Living on campus has been a really great experience because of the relationships I formed. I have multiple best friends that I’ve made just from being in the same hall as other residential students. Interacting with them on a daily basis – those relationships will never end. They’re going to last a lifetime, and I think that alone would make living on campus worth it”,  Jiselle Floyd, First Year residential student, Carroll Hall, Mason Housing and Residence Life.  

  1. You’ll Stay Connected!  

You’ll feel part of #MasonNation from the moment you hang your first poster. At Mason, student life includes more than 500 clubs, ranging from sports and arts, to cultural organizations and outdoor adventures, and are usually free to join. It’s the perfect opportunity to try new things and find out what interests you outside of your classes. Plus, the variety of dining hall options, and gym facilities helps our residential students stay healthy and happy.  

  1. You’ll Save Money! 

If you’re living on campus, there is no need to commute, saving on the cost of gas, tolls, and auto maintenance.  Also, utilities, internet access, and maintenance are included in your on-campus housing charge. 

  1. Living on Campus is Inclusive! 

In alignment with Housing & Residence Life’s mission and statement of inclusion, Mason’s Gender-Inclusive Housing supports the needs of student populations of all identities.  

“Housing and Residence Life cater to a diverse community. It is a place where one is able to meet people from different places and backgrounds and as such does not feel intimidated in expressing their ideas. A community that cares and despite the many differences comes together to work on a common goal is one that is worth being a part of; and Mason provides this environment for me. I feel a sense of belonging, and I look forward to socializing with my new family, my residential hall roommates”. Olivia Clarica Williams, Upper-level student, Liberty Square, Mason Housing and Residence Life. 


Quote: “Living on campus is one of the best ways to connect yourself with the Mason community. You will be in the middle of everything, making friends, finding your independence, and learning about yourself. Our staff is here to assist you each step of the way and we want you to be successful. Living on campus means finding your new support system who will help you academically and personally as you move closer and closer to that college degree!” Dr. Shannon Jordan, Associate Dean and Chief Housing Officer. 

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