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Hall Closings

Coming and Going

All of our residence halls remain open through Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break. 

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Spring Closing Information

All non-graduating students must completely vacate and check out of their residence hall room no later than 24 hours after their last final or by noon on Thursday, May 14, 2020. 

Students participating in Spring Commencement activities on May 15 or 16, may request to extend their stay on campus until Saturday, May 16, at 6 pm at the latest. You will not be allowed to stay beyond 6 pm.

Students assigned to summer school sessions A, D, and 1 and intern housing for summer 2020 will be allowed to extend their stay through Sunday, May 17, when they are allowed to move into their summer assignment.

More information regarding spring closing and extended stay applications will be emailed to all students in April 2020. 

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Extended stay will be available to those who have an approved reason, such as graduation.

Helpful Tips for Closing

Check List (Move-out Responsibilities)

Attend your Spring Closing floor meeting to learn more about move-out. Chat with your RA or locate community floor meeting postings for your meeting time and location.        

Defrost and clean personal refrigerators at least 24 hours before you move out.

Make sure your room is completely clean, empty, and move-in ready BEFORE your scheduled check-out time. This includes:

  • Remove all trash and place it in the dumpsters outside
  • Remove all belongings (double-check every drawer)
  • Vacuum
  • Wipe down surfaces
  • Clean all surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Close and lock windows
  • Close blinds

Know the check-out procedures and policies

  • Once all belongings have been moved out of the space, residents will check out at their neighborhood desk:
    • Rappahannock Neighborhood: Piedmont Desk
    • Shenandoah Neighborhood: Eisenhower Desk
    • Aquia Neighborhood: Whitetop Desk
    • Angel Cabrera Global Center: Global Center Desk
  • Students who choose to leave spaces in unacceptable conditions will be charged for cleaning and/or property removal.  
  • All residents are expected to vacate their room by Noon on Thursday, May 16, 2019. 
    • Students seeking approval to remain after this deadline will need to submit an Extended Stay Request Form on StarRez and provide appropriate documentation to support the request.  For more information, see our Extended Stay Request information.

Remove your bike and take it home.

Report facilities issues by going to your neighborhood desk for assistance.

Ensure you have removed all laundry from the laundry room.

Return all equipment checked out from the desk (including green bins).

Move Out Tips
  • Begin moving items to your established summer storage/housing location throughout the last part of the spring semester.  It’s never too early to start moving unnecessary items out of your room.
  • Move belongings in the early morning or late afternoon hours to avoid peak times.
  • Do not park in fire lanes, roadways, grass, or other non-parking areas.  Vehicles may be towed.
  • Utilize moving bins that can be checked out from your neighborhood desk.
  • If you check out a moving bin, ensure that you return it within the allotted time frame. 
Frequent Closing Related Charges

The list below comprises the most common damages and associated fees at the time of closing.  This list is not all-inclusive and charges incurred may differ from amounts below depending on the scope of the damages assessed.

Damage Assessed Common Amount
Bathroom excessive trash $10.00 minimum
Removal of personal belongings/abandoned property $50.00

Damage to walls

*students are encouraged to leave 3M strips affixed to walls at no fee in order to avoid damage at the time of removal

Trash removal,excessive debris $50.00
Improper check-out (failure to follow check-out procedures) $100.00
Key not returned, door recore $75.00

Please refer questions regarding damages and billing to your Resident Advisor or Resident Director.

Extended Stay Request Information

If a student needs to remain on campus after noon on Thursday, May 16th, an Extended Stay Request Form must be submitted.

Reasons to Request Extended Stay:

  • Participation in commencement
  • Students working in on-campus locations that are impacted by graduation, such as the Bookstore (employer will need to authorize student by emailing Housing at
  • Students who are enrolled in Summer Session A, D, or 1 and have a confirmed summer housing assignment. 
  • Students who have a confirmed housing assignment for intern housing.
  • Approved Housing student staff.

Extended Stay Request Form Process:

1. Submit Extended Stay Request Form via StarRez.

2. Email your third-party documentation (flight itinerary, work schedule, etc.) to or turn in a copy of the documentation to your neighborhood desk.

3. A Residential Services Staff member will email approval or denial to each applicant’s Mason email within 72 hours. Please note that students may be asked to provide additional information if requested.

4. If a student is approved, no further action on their part is necessary. Students who are approved for Extended Stay will be charged $50.00 per night. Students participating in commencement will not be charged for Extended Stay. 

5. If a student is denied, they must vacate the halls by 12pm (noon) on May 16th. All decisions made by staff regarding Extended Stay are final.



Contact Us

Ask your Resident Advisor or Resident Director.

Call your Neighborhood Desk (link the unlined words here to the neighborhood desk.

Desk Phone Number
Aquia, Whitetop Desk 703-993-1977
Rappahannock, Piedmont Desk 703-993-9880

Shenandoah, Eisenhower Desk

Mason Global Center Lobby, Global Center 703-993-6008