Executive Board

Gain Some Leadership Skills

Play a bigger part in your community, and get a little experience to strengthen your résumé by joining our Resident Student Association's Executive Board.

Freshmen can join the organization in the fall, and each spring, we hold elections for Executive Board positions.

If you're ready to be a leader, check out the duties of the positions on the Board

Executive Director

-Preside over all General and Executive Board meetings.

-Only vote as the tiebreaker of the General Assembly vote.

-Appoint chair of all ad hoc committees, upon majority vote of the General Assembly.

Director of Business Administration

-Maintain the financial records and budget on behalf of RSA.

-Provide the General Assembly with an updated budget at the beginning and end of each semester.

-Record and distribute accurate minutes of the General Assembly.

-Maintain an updated roster of official RSA members.

-Record attendance.

Director of Public Relations

-Oversee all marketing and publicity on behalf of RSA.

-Serve as the official liaison between RSA and any outside media.

-Maintain all social media accounts on behalf of RSA.

-Create and maintain all electronic communication on behalf of RSA.

Director of Programming

-Oversee all programs sponsored by RSA, including, but not limited to RSA Block Party, Cram Jam, and the Live@ Series.

-Coordinate any RSA-sponsored philanthropic events.

-Support Neighborhood Council Programming.

Director of Services

-Serve as the representative at Student Government meetings and coordinate additional RSA representation at interdepartmental meetings.

-Serve as liaison between RSA and university facilities on the Dining Committee and the Student Services & Spaces Advisory Committee.

-Coordinate hospitality information booths.

-Serves as liaison between RSA and Office of Communications.

National Communications Coordinator

-Act as Parliamentarian for General and Executive Board Meetings.

-Serve as the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) representative for Mason.

-Prepare for and attend all conferences.

-Coordinate conference-delegation selection.

-Maintain NACURH membership and affiliation.

2018-2019 Executive Board

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